July 1, 2012

2nd month

There is a reason why to celebrate with a cupcake today! It's my 2nd month anniversary - well, actually of the blog! So happy 2nd month!
Well, to show off a lil bit, I have to say big thank you guys, 'cos according to the statistics I can say that the visits almost doubled in comparison to May! So big applause is for you!
So please, don't stop, keep on coming and comment - comment - comment!
I am in a big rush now, packing for the big holiday adventure! Soon I'll post pics of my new look (very sweet, I look like 12 again!) and also tell you more about my big journey over the ocean.
Have a happy summer holiday - x.

Dnes je dovod na oslavu! Okrem prveho prazdninoveho dna je dnes aj moje druho-mesacne vyrocie, teda nie moje, ale tohto blogu! Takze vsetko najlepsie!
Aby som sa trosku pochvalila a hlavne povedala velke dakujem Vam, a sice ze navstevnost na blogu sa v porovnani s majom skoro zdvojnasobila! Velky potlesk pre Vas!
Takze prosim neprestavajte, pokracujte v tom a komentujte - komentujte - komentujte :)
Som teraz trosku v zhone nakolko sa balim na velke prazdninove dobrodruzstvo, o ktorom Vam coskoro napisem. Tak isto coskoro poslem aj fotky novych vlasov, jedine co mozem zatial prezradit je, ze vyzeram opat raz na 12 rokov :D
Zelam krasne prazdniny - x.

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