May 30, 2012

Wake me up!

Good morning starshine!!! Do you know what I like the most about being back home? It's the morning coffee!!!! Silly billy me - I know :)

May 29, 2012

Special post

This post is dedicated to my special friend who has birthday today! The picture is from our last trip to Vienna in front of my fav gallery ever - Albertina!

May 22, 2012


As there's nothing much going on right now in my life and all I do is studying OR procrastinating on internet, being officially "offline", as being VERY busy... Oh well, everyone was a student once, I guess!

May 18, 2012

Summer where are you??

I took this picture some weeks ago on my way to the university. The flowers were so pretty and there was sunshine all over! But now, I don't know what had happened there's no sun and no fun. No fun, due to the end of the summer semester and all the exams. But no sun? I have no clue why! It's all windy and cold and I have never imagined myself wearing my extra fury vest when going out in May! IN MAY!!!

May 17, 2012

Give me a salmon (or two)!

As we just came back from the movie "Salmon fishing in the Yemen" and I am craving some yummiously grilled salmon! Oh myyy or sushi, even tho I am not the biggest fan of it!
Anyway, the movie was SO lovely! Really really recommend it if you love a proper English/Scottish accent - most of all! And also a proper English humor!
Have you seen it? What do you think of it? Let me know! x

So this season!

I remember as it was just yesterday as me and my friend Fede went hunting for Versace in H&M. As we arrived to the store at 8am and realized how LATE we are, so we've decided to have breakfast instead and then head to work and come back at 11.30am.

May 15, 2012

Postcard arrived!

There was a new post in my mailbox today! And guess from who? Thank you Csilla dear!

May 14, 2012

Midnight craving!

Cupcake craving in the middle of the night!!! Aaaaw help! Was going through the pics of my Berlin adventure with my friends and can't stop thinking now about those delicious cupcakes from Cupcake Berlin, one of my most fav place in the city! Favorite cupcake of your own? I am going straight for red velvet - yay just few hours and breakfast is here! x

May 13, 2012


Good mooorning!!! Do you know what's the best about the morning? That there's a breakfast!!! Obviously! If we were in Berlin I would be preparing for some fancy Sunday brunch in some garden, BUT we are not in Berlin anymore, so the provisional solution must be enough - right? 

May 12, 2012

Make a wish

I got this "bracelet" from my Brazilian friend from Salvador, who made 3 knots on it, which represent 3 wishes. And I am not allowed to throw it away unless one of the wishes comes true.

May 10, 2012

Flash forward

Had another of my flash forwards! After spending the second day at the Czech ministry of foreign affairs with such a wonderful view from one of the offices,

May 8, 2012

Coffee, tea and sympathy

It’s not that I am being sad or something. I just always think of this song by Robbie Williams when someone says coffee and tea. Haha, really stupid, I know!
Anyway, I was planning to dedicate this post to my friend who once gave me this Kerouac book

May 6, 2012

Happy times - shopping times!

pineapple and bag - aldo / necklace and a shirt - h&m

You know the feeling when you’re in the changing room, mirrors everywhere, not sure whether to buy or not to buy and then suddenly they start to play your favorite song and you take it as a sign: buy!

May 5, 2012

It's a tea time

Spending my afternoon with the cup of green tea from English Tea Shop in the most beautiful PIP cup and skyping with my family and friends! x

May 2, 2012

Spring in a berlin bottle

Sitting here and reminiscing how amazing it would be to be back in Berlin - especially now, once the spring is here.

May 1, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen...

Let me introduce myself. I'm gonna blog for you with a pair of my beloved and super old adidas sneakers, which me and my Dutch friend call Etienne and Eugene. I'm not trying to be professional neither influential (even tho I wish!!!).