April 12, 2014


Hello beauties, lovelies and everyone who still after 2 weeks of silence visit my blog - I owe you big times!!

I am not even gonna apologize because it would be all the same again, what you've already heard several times - about life happening and not having time to breath not to mention to write a proper and interesting post for you...

But here I am now, Saturday's night, hanging out with myself on a cosy sofa in my cosy flat and writing those lines to you. The week was hectic. I didn't have time to upload those lovely photos from Petra's and Lucka's B-day party and I am sorry for that, girls - but better later than never - world should see them, I am fully convinced! The party was great indeed and I am happy we have some memories made - even tho only those 2 pics made it into representative sample - lol.

While hanging out at home and being my own BFF I am going through some nice articles, which I recommend you to read as well, when you'll find a while and when you've seen all the updates and new pictures at Pinterest - because believe me, I know what am I talking about.

Speaking of being my own BFF, click at the link which follows and read the full text: Be Your Own BFF
I don't know how about you, but I LOVE Gone with the wind and Scarlett and Rhett. Here is a little food for thought about Scarlett and her embracing the real art of being a woman who knows what she wants: A Lesson From Scarlett O'Hara
And I promise, a very last one article from Darling Magazine (can't help it, simply love them all) is about 50 Ways How To Love Life and I encourage you to try come of them as soon as possible, even if it was just to light a candle at the breakfast table. 
This article is for those of you who are considering or actually living on your own. It's about embracing the advantages of not having a roommates actually. Go ahead and dig in: Lessons Learned From Living Alone

And those are officially very last lines I am about to write ce soir. I am deadly tired after "working" also on Saturday, even tho it was just the visit of a congress - still obligatory. Hope you all enjoy the weekend, recharge and have a look at this blog also later on during the week. I'll upload some fun - soon - I promise :)

With love,


March 28, 2014


You can all me crazy, silly, insane... It's totally up to you, because one of my little dreams when being employed was to have meal voucher for lunch (the others are to have my own business cards and to attend a company's x-mas party - they haven't come true YET). AND guess what just came true?? 

YES YES YES, I certainly won't be hungry next month, because we just got our meal ticketsss!!! Happy times coming! I have a strategy, because I can either eat lunch every day in a different restaurant - but only the cheap lunch menu OR I can save up my meal tickets and have a BIG and PROPER breakfast / lunch / dinner at the fancy place (see Cafe Imperial) once in a week! LOL You can follow my thoughts quite easily and come to the conclusion without me spilling all the beans for you here.

Well, ON SUNDAY I AM IN LOVE - just wait for it.

Hope you all had a happy and lucky Friday and that the weekend will be full of joy!

Bisoussss, Lenka

March 27, 2014


And again almost 2 weeks long break from my blogging! Sorryyyy - AGAIN! It's hard to be a working woman, what can I say :D

But last weekend I had my friends from Slovenia, who now live in Vienna here with me in Prague and we did some proper touristic sightseeing as none of them has been to the city before. Or better said, we tried until it started raining and we got stuck. But still tried to get the most of it, had a lovely dinner and drinksss. And then breakfast, a very long breakfast which actually turned into brunch and then into lunch and it was still raining cats and dogs and was cold, but we had a grand time!

With Polona girl on the Old Town Square - still no sign of rain, what a wonderful spring day, we thought!

Messing around with Bojan at the castle. 

And here are my cupcakes!!! This is love in real life. And I am sure if you are about to look up love in the picture dictionary this picture might me one of the explanations! Feeling really blessed to know them both.

Thank you for visiting! Was my pleasure to host you. Hopefully next time you come, I'll have a proper double bed ready for youuuu :o)))

How about you, dear friends, do you like to have friends around as much as I like to? Share with me your stories, I'd love to hear them all!

Lenka, xx

March 16, 2014


Hellooo lovelies!!!

If you were about to take a quiz on how well do you actually know me - what would be your answer for: 
What do I usually do on Sunday between 11:30 and 14:00??

(a) sleeping

(b) still dancing on a party

(c) having brunch with my friends

I hope you all crossed the answer C!! Because again this Sunday I was having brunch of my life with my friends! Happy happy times in these cold days of March. Had an "American Bagel" with scrambled eggs, red onion, peppers and cheddar cheese. YUUUUM!!! 

So what do you think? Who'll join me in on next Sunday? I really do hope that Polona and Bojan are in for a crime next weekend in Prague and we can have some foodie experience together :)

And what about you? How do you like to spend your Sunday? Remember - sharing is caring :)

Lenka, xx

March 14, 2014


Hello beauties and friends!!

No, I am not dead! Even though I know I haven't posted anything in like a week. But still. As I always like to say: life happened AND I got a job. Surprise surprise, finally it also happened to me :) That morning waking up, eating breakfast and rushing to catch a metro. Ok, I'll be honest with you - I do NOT rush to work, but elegantly walk down my street enjoying warm spring sun wearing my Ray Bans on - LOL. 

This is my favorite spot on my way to work. (ok, once again honesty - my fav spot besides a cafe place) And today it was super lovely, all light up in sun! I had to take a pic - for the sake of enjoying life - full stop! That beautiful building is a primary school - oh my, I would be actually astonished to enter the door of it if I were a kid. Or maybe not. 

My street! My street! All lightened up in a morning sun! How beautiful is it?! It's bringing pleasure to my heart every time I am walking down this street - and it's not raining LOL 

Of course I am not walking down the street in uncomfortable shoes! And this is gonna be especially dedicated to Kitty, because I bought NEW TRAINERS!!! Yaaaay!!! After 5 years?? hahaha Not that good old Etiene & Eugene are not good enough for me, but I sincerely needed something in which I do not look like homeless. So those are my new Adidas Originals Racers. I love them - so far so goos. My recommendation to you, Kit! ;-)

Aaaand finally my new work as a PR intern for a ... I cannot complaint as during the last week I was flipping through pages of magazines. Each and every magazine (also some of them I didn't even know and that's somehow surprising to me!) which advertise fashion was laying on my dest. Love it! It's called press coverage! Woop woop my new word on the week! Besides some work in Word and PowerPoint and I am on my way home. I am dedicated but I am also paid only for 8 hours a day. So deal with it. Or otherwise I'll actually deal with it.

Friday is here. Evening. I am laying on a couch and enjoying sweetness of doing nothing for a while. Observing my narcissuses and procrastinating on Pinterest. Again. The very first weekend after being employed is coming!!! 

For those of you, who would like to do some more reading, here are some nice articles connected to "job-world" - naturally 8-)

Enjoy reading, have a happy weekend and leave a comment!

Lenka, xx

March 6, 2014


Hello guys!

Wanna know what was I doing in Vienna besides visiting Ludwig Wittgenstein's house, drinking coffee at Cafe Central, splurging at COS and many more? 

Well, I was also broadening my PIP Studio collection! Already at home I googled whether there is any PIP sell point in Vienna and oh boy - there's more than one. So I was more than excited that once again I was about to visit that heaven on Earth. 

Googled it - found it - and shopped it!

Went straight for the white china with colorful flowers as you can see in the pic. To add something more to the mug, I also took a bowl. Because there's never enough of mugs, cups and bowls. You should have seen my parent's faces when I announced them that I got another mug - LOL.

Now sitting at my working-desk in my apartment in Prague, pretending to work on my article but procrastinating on Pinterest instead and happily sipping coffee from my new mug!

As for the next level - I have my eyes on Greengate porcelain. Can't wait for the first paycheck to arrive!

How about you? Also crazy in love with mugs, cups and PIP? Or delicate and practical? Share with me! 

Lenka, xx

March 2, 2014


Hello beauties!!

Let me update you on what happened last week. I know all posts are tiny bit delayed but still better to post them later than never, right? And especially this one really brings pleasure to my heart.

As one of my friends commented on my FB pic of me and my 24.5 b-day cake: I'm nuts... but in a good way. So yeah. He was absolutely right. Even my cousin liked that comment and she's not that active on my wall - lol. I'm nuts and persuaded my girlfriends to celebrate with me my 24.5 b-day! We had naturally a theme party: Pretty in Pink (as you can get from all pink photos around). 

Everything was pink! Dresses. Lipsticks. Flowers. Nails. Champagne. You name it! Girls did a pretty good job. And honestly to my surprise I also got 24.5 b-day present!!!!! Couldn't be happier!! New Pandora charm on my wrist - yaay. A little tiara - because as they explained, I am like a princess. Oh well, haven't realized but I am not arguing there might be something about it for sure! :)

Oh and we had cakes!!! I baked a carrot cake and decorated it with m&m s. And Lucka and Petra brought a SUPER chocolate cake!!! And when I am writing SUPER imagine SUPER squared haha.

And after this little pre-party at my place we were more than ready to hit the bar and later on a club. All pretty in pink from head to toes. And all a bit tipsy from pink champagne. Frankly the evening didn't really turned out as we planned and imagined. Mostly because I got a beer shower in the end. But nothing is perfect. And it was never supposed to be perfect. Not even because I am princess. The biggest perfection for me is that I have all those crazy girls around me who were crazy enough to come, dress up and celebrate and that's more than perfect! So thank you once again and next celebration in half a year :)))

with love, Lenka

February 27, 2014


Hello beauties, followers and friends!

It's been almost a week ever since I came back from Vienna and somehow life happened and I didn't really had that much time to post about this priceless experience. So here I am now - writing few lines about my empirical research on the best cakes in Vienna cafes.

It's no secret to any of you that I am in love with everything sweet, more precisely with those kind of afternoons when you go out have a cake and coffee with your BFF and just purely enjoy life. Well, that's what I'd been doing for last week. And let me tell you: I LOVED IT!! My new fav place happened to be Cafe Central. My dear friend Polona introduced us and I fell in love. Immediately. It's not only about cakes and coffee, but about the atmosphere itself, live piano music and big painting of Sissi. 

We've tried Apfelstrudel, Klimt's Surprise, Winter Kiss and many more. Eventually we also made it to the famous Sacher Eck right next to the Hotel Sacher and had some of its delights. Polona and Bojan were so kind that they've included me into their Valentine's Day, which made me super happy as I was spending almost the whole day on my own :) Thank you once again! 

Yes, yes, I know. Vienna is not only about good food. And yes, we also tried to be tiny bit cultural. So my new friend Beth and I decided to explore Belvedere Palace, which was beyond perfection. Oh boy, I really wouldn't mind spending some more time there. We've visited Wien-Berlin exhibition about the paintings from 19. - 20. century made in Berlin or Vienna and can only recommend to visit it as well, once you're in Vienna, 'cos it's so grand! 

To point out several other things which I've learned during my stay in Vienna, let me sum up: I discovered who Ludwig Wittgenstein was, where he lived and what he built. Also found out about Karl Popper's research on white and black swans. How ontology and epistemology really works. What really is verification and falsification. But most of all that Vienna really is more than tiny bit marvelous!

So thank you everyone who made this week special and great, to name the few of you: Polona, Bojan, Beth, Annika, Laura, Cristina,... and many many more. And most certainly P.T.J. :))

Lenka, xx

February 14, 2014


Hello all of you happy faces!

It's Friday - finally -  and I am in Vienna (again!). Kinda wish it was some other city now, but I am super happy, 'cos I am about to meet up with my long time friends, Polona and Bojan, very very soon! In fact, I believe that Polona is already on her way while I am writing those lines from Starbucks, where  I took myself on a proper Valentine's date. Just me and me! Who else do we need? LOL

Being in Vienna, I am part of the Winter School of Methods and Techniques, because my mentor decided that it's never enough of methodology. BUT besides all of those software statistic courses and methodology courses, what I am really trying to embrace is the love for myself and the others. Not only trying to be my best friend but also to be a best friend for others. To be there for them when needed, to offer a valuable advice and always have something kind and nice to say.

Valentine's day is not only for couples! It's for EVERYONE WHO'S IN LOVE WITH LIFE!! That's how I look at this day and that's how I do celebrate it. With friends and coffee I love in a city I adore!

How about you? What are your stereotypes and cliches when speaking of the Day of Love? Share with me :)

With love,

Lenak, xx

PS: This is the view at the Votivkirche in Vienna, I was having lunch just nearby and was mesmerized by it! 

February 11, 2014


Let's face it. To be unemployed has actually a lot more advantages than disadvantages. Or at least I keep on telling this to myself. Daily. I know, I know the BIGGEST weakness of unemployment is actually no income. But keep on looking on the bright site of the problem and count with me:

1. Slow morning - every morning. And not only on Sunday. I have time to sleep in, relax, pilates and smoothie. All things which in fact take time and are not really on your list when hurrying to work. 

2. I have time to think and plan my balanced life. Or at least to work on better life. Not only to care more about what am I eating physically, but also psychically. Food for thought became my daily pleasure. I keep on bookmarking interesting articles and yes, of course, planning on sharing them with you :)

3. Time to think of and set up my own little projects. I know it includes a lot of risk and external support not only from my family and friends but also from all the other people around. Having more time I came across loads of interesting people on internet, who were actually studying something diametrically different from what they are doing right now and oh boy, they are so great in making invitations, online courses or daily excersices. Real inspiration! 

4. Socialista lifestyle! Oh yes, being available almost all day long brings loads of opportunities to hang out and meet up with friends and people I haven't seen in a while. Or just with my friends, when they finish earlier at work, just ring me and yes, I meet them in a local cafe and I am super happy. On the other hand, it also includes a lot of days when I am my own best friend. When everyone around is working and my first words of the day are for a lady at the counter in a grocery or post office. 

5. And the most important especially in FEBRUARY is that I can watch OLYMPICS ALL DAY LONG!!! Basically it is the second thing I do in the morning - I turn on my telly. (The first thing is to put water in the kettle to boil.) So my favorite perk of being unemployed especially in February is, that I can sit here with you, write some nonsense and sometime sense sentences and watch snowboarding! Cheers for you guys over there in Sochi!

So here is my secret life on a PhD student, who hasn't really have that much on work, keep on procrastinating on Pinterest and watching Olympics! For now I gotta go, as I have a lunch date with my friend. Have fun guys and share your thoughts on happy life! 

Lenka, xx