July 17, 2014


Hello summer beauties!

I don't know why but today the whole day I was living a dream and fantasy that it's actually FRIDAY! And guess what?! It's NOT - sadly :( 

Summer time in Prague is grand. All those open air movies, parties and drinks. On Tuesday we went with my friends and co-workers for a summer cinema at the river side. Do I have to tell you that we haven't watched the first half of the movie AT ALL? That we spent it talking and drinking Aperol Spritz, which was the main drink of the event. Sitting on the blanket on a green grass - oh perfect dating place - LOL. 

And which was the movie? Italian LA VITA E BELLA. Bittersweet. A tiny bit depressing. But still sweet and funny - at certain point of view. 

What are you doing during summer evenings and night? I am desperately waiting for Friday to finally roll in, so I can check another summer movie theater - yaaay!

Have a happy happy Friday everyone!

Lenka, xx

I've told you it was all about Aperol... :)))

July 14, 2014


Hello lovelies!

As I promised you the last time, I am coming back with the second part of the summer weekend delight. This time from Marianske lazne (google it!), which is another fancy spa town close to the borders with Germany. This time no spa for us, but next time I will not be that strong to say NO! 

What can I tell you about this trip? How we got lost, drove on a super tiny road, saw beautiful landscape and then in the end the GPS was really right and brought us to our final destination? Oh well, I have to admit, I was skeptical...;-)

We walked around, breathed fresh air and pretended that time didn't exist. Or maybe it really doesn't when you're surrounded my your soul-mates, friends and basically your second you - as I like to call Lucka, due to our identical and impeccable taste in almost EVERYTHING :D

Hope you all had a happy and successful Monday! Keep on shining! 

Lenka, xxx

 Definitely not like a statue...:))

The prettiest girls!

July 13, 2014


First of all - SORRY! To all of you or maybe just to the two of you - I've been absent (and not only minded), but now trying to win you all back - AGAIN!

I promised to my friend Csilla (who's currently in Mexico and blogging for you at themoreIsee), that I'll come back to blogging and keep her and you updated on the tiny details of my life and summer in Prague. As I like to say and repeat myself - life happened and here I am on Sunday evening typing these lines for you, which I should have done weeks ago.

So here is my first part of my first holiday trip - apart from traveling back to Slovakia, which simply doesn't count for the reason being - to Karlsbad, a.k.a. Karlove Vary - very Russian and very posh town in the Western part of Bohemia. My friends and colleagues from work took a trip to this town for the International Film Festival but in the end we haven't seen any movie. Instead we decided to stroll around the city and take some other trip - about which I'll tell you for sure tomorrow (now when I finally have some snaps, I need to divide them and save them so you and I will have a motivation to come here again :))

Hope all of you are having a fab summer evening and are fully regenerated to kick off another week!

Have a happy one!

Lenka, xx

Because no one likes still life pictures...

This picture with the shopping window was made due to its reference to the zodiac signs. For those who know me better, you all know about my obsession with horoscopes - LOL.

Horse and I - both smiling and laughing!

May 9, 2014


This time she visited me in Prague! Slowly, really slowly, she's getting to know all the places, people and cakes which I adore. Not only in Prague where I study, work and live but also in Slovakia, where she visited me last summer to check on my brother and parents. Sweet.

We spent 4 full days together which felt like 4 weeks. We got ordered pear shots in a restaurant by elderly guys, we watched Friends and laughed out loud on a whole bus on our way from the trip to Cesky Krumlov, we ate zillion of cakes, drunk liters of coffee, dance in the rain, talked, laughed, smiled. All the things one do with her best friend, right?

Kitty hates this photo but I love it so much - how she is holding tightly to me as if afraid that I am gonna disappear and leave her in Cesky Krumlov by her own :)

Breathtakingly beautiful!!!

Thanks to Radka we managed two in one - one day and two trips - Hluboka Castle.

With my girls getting ready to go out on Saturday night as well as having brunch afterwards on Sunday morning!

Aaaand getting crazy and acting silly in a zoo!

 It wouldn't be a Prague visit without a tour to the castle - this time with Starbucks as a sweet reward!

Thank you Kitty and all of my girls for coming and being with us! It means a lot to me and I hope we'll keep on doing it more and more often!!! Always welcome <3

And how about you guys out there - do you like having visitors in your city? What do you enjoy doing when you have a friend staying with you? Share and inspire me! 

Lenka, xxx

April 28, 2014


Call it a coincidence, but I call it a DESTINY!!! 
After more than 10 years being in constant love with Robbie Williams I managed to be on a two dates (together with other 100.000 ppl) in less than a year <3 Last summer in Vienna and this time in PRAGUE!!! 

This time - more leisured back. More relaxed and no awkwardness. You know, second date ;-))) We had a pre-party with my friends and Robbie's fans, we might have had some more wine than needed, then rushing to the metro and up into the front still dancing and singing making all other people miserable (just how happy we were). We ENJOYED ourselves and Robbie's company, 'cos he doesn't come around that often (after 10 years back to Prague!!!).

Completely feeling like trying to get some ticket for his next show somewhere in Vienna or even Australia!! Swing both ways completely got me - both ways!!! 

How about you guys? Any Robbie's fan out there?? Share your stories? Did you get on a stage with him? Because that's the number one dream for me - still not happening - no cleavage, what can I say?! LOL

Have a happy week!!!

Lenka, xox

PS: Photos, courtesy of my dear friend Sophie who managed to bring with her a camera :))) THANKS!

April 27, 2014


Hello beauties,

You all know that sometimes it's unavoidable and also impossible to pack your whole day into one single handbag without wanting to have arms like orangutan from carrying it all with you around the town while working, catching the metro then tram and once again metro back, having lunch and rushing to the university. Not mentioning that sometimes you go and have a drink or two after the work. BUT let's face it. Those days happen and we, working girls, need to be ready!

So I put on my new Adidas Racer Sneakers and rush into the day fully armed with black handbag and Ray Bans - because we need to stay cool during the all occasions, right? And while I am walking down the street, ok maybe almost running, I have my high heels comfortably in my bag. Because who has time for slow lady-like pace? Certainly not in these days in the streets of Prague, which were built ages ago when women probably didn't wear heels or didn't have to walk in them. SO NOT FAIR!

But I slip into them once I exit the elevator in my floor at work, find my table, turn on the PC and boil water for a cup of green tea. That's the time when I turn into the chick PR girl!

How about you girls? How do you handle the fast world we all live in? Proudly in heels or like me more comfortably in flat sneakers? Share with me - I am all ears!

Lenka, xx

April 20, 2014


Hello all of you Easter bunnies!!

Wish you a wonderful Easter full of chocolate, great food and peace with your family! Let's emjoy this time together and have some fun. We are about to start eating very very soon, so can only guess my excitement:))


April 12, 2014


Hello beauties, lovelies and everyone who still after 2 weeks of silence visit my blog - I owe you big times!!

I am not even gonna apologize because it would be all the same again, what you've already heard several times - about life happening and not having time to breath not to mention to write a proper and interesting post for you...

But here I am now, Saturday's night, hanging out with myself on a cosy sofa in my cosy flat and writing those lines to you. The week was hectic. I didn't have time to upload those lovely photos from Petra's and Lucka's B-day party and I am sorry for that, girls - but better later than never - world should see them, I am fully convinced! The party was great indeed and I am happy we have some memories made - even tho only those 2 pics made it into representative sample - lol.

While hanging out at home and being my own BFF I am going through some nice articles, which I recommend you to read as well, when you'll find a while and when you've seen all the updates and new pictures at Pinterest - because believe me, I know what am I talking about.

Speaking of being my own BFF, click at the link which follows and read the full text: Be Your Own BFF
I don't know how about you, but I LOVE Gone with the wind and Scarlett and Rhett. Here is a little food for thought about Scarlett and her embracing the real art of being a woman who knows what she wants: A Lesson From Scarlett O'Hara
And I promise, a very last one article from Darling Magazine (can't help it, simply love them all) is about 50 Ways How To Love Life and I encourage you to try come of them as soon as possible, even if it was just to light a candle at the breakfast table. 
This article is for those of you who are considering or actually living on your own. It's about embracing the advantages of not having a roommates actually. Go ahead and dig in: Lessons Learned From Living Alone

And those are officially very last lines I am about to write ce soir. I am deadly tired after "working" also on Saturday, even tho it was just the visit of a congress - still obligatory. Hope you all enjoy the weekend, recharge and have a look at this blog also later on during the week. I'll upload some fun - soon - I promise :)

With love,


March 28, 2014


You can all me crazy, silly, insane... It's totally up to you, because one of my little dreams when being employed was to have meal voucher for lunch (the others are to have my own business cards and to attend a company's x-mas party - they haven't come true YET). AND guess what just came true?? 

YES YES YES, I certainly won't be hungry next month, because we just got our meal ticketsss!!! Happy times coming! I have a strategy, because I can either eat lunch every day in a different restaurant - but only the cheap lunch menu OR I can save up my meal tickets and have a BIG and PROPER breakfast / lunch / dinner at the fancy place (see Cafe Imperial) once in a week! LOL You can follow my thoughts quite easily and come to the conclusion without me spilling all the beans for you here.

Well, ON SUNDAY I AM IN LOVE - just wait for it.

Hope you all had a happy and lucky Friday and that the weekend will be full of joy!

Bisoussss, Lenka

March 27, 2014


And again almost 2 weeks long break from my blogging! Sorryyyy - AGAIN! It's hard to be a working woman, what can I say :D

But last weekend I had my friends from Slovenia, who now live in Vienna here with me in Prague and we did some proper touristic sightseeing as none of them has been to the city before. Or better said, we tried until it started raining and we got stuck. But still tried to get the most of it, had a lovely dinner and drinksss. And then breakfast, a very long breakfast which actually turned into brunch and then into lunch and it was still raining cats and dogs and was cold, but we had a grand time!

With Polona girl on the Old Town Square - still no sign of rain, what a wonderful spring day, we thought!

Messing around with Bojan at the castle. 

And here are my cupcakes!!! This is love in real life. And I am sure if you are about to look up love in the picture dictionary this picture might me one of the explanations! Feeling really blessed to know them both.

Thank you for visiting! Was my pleasure to host you. Hopefully next time you come, I'll have a proper double bed ready for youuuu :o)))

How about you, dear friends, do you like to have friends around as much as I like to? Share with me your stories, I'd love to hear them all!

Lenka, xx