December 31, 2012


End of the year is here and it's up to me and you to make a small recapitulation of the moments, which stayed in my heart and head.

So let's begin with January 2012. The year begun in Berlin (I can only wish it also ended there, haha), I travelled to meet with my colleagues but most of all friends at the ICD. Speechless moments and endless conversations.

I got the new flatmate - Nik. My head will never stop understand how can a human heart extend and how many people can actually fit in and for each and everyone create a single place to exist, share and love.

There came February with my dearest friend Petra visiting me in the capital of Germany. 
All I can remember from this visit is incredible COLD and surreal brunch we had with my friends Tjasa and Tom :)

In March I had to move back to Prague, where my university and economics were waiting for me. It broke my heart to leave Berlin, friends and all the memories behind and change it for a student life again. But wasn't long before I came back and my steps leaded directly to Barcomi's and brunch - with Fede and Nik!

April was a happy month! My baby niece was born, she is a big girl by now, but still don't wanna publish her over here, because I'm sure she would outshine me - haha. But most of all she's still just a baby, right? 
Anyway, after the Easter, my other friend Petra invited girls and me to her home and showed us something more from her life and the life of her family. 

Also needed to say, she has the cutest dog ever :)

In May there was an Impressionists Exhibition in Vienna and my friends Petra and Lubi couldn't skip it! So we went for a crazy weekend full of culture, food and craziness mixed with coolitude to Vienna.

Oh June, the month when I didn't pass the economics, but still want you back - NOW!!! Kitty and I flied to Barcelona to visit our dearest Miguel. What can be said about Barcelona? Tripple S: Sun+Sea+Sangria <3

Oh and maybe also back to July!!! The very first time I crossed the ocean and explored the USA, more precisely CALIFORNIA.
Visited family, got to know some new members of our family but most of all had fun from traveling and experiencing the country where NO is not an answer.

In August my friends and classmates from high-school - Zuzka and Jakub - got married! It was a fairytale wedding and I am pleased I could join them in celebrating their love - thank you!

But that wasn't all what happened in August. Also my friend Csilla dear came to visit me from Canada to Kosice. Her visit brought pleasure to my heart and we finished this whole trip with the celebration of my 23rd b-day in Budapest!

Together with Nori, absolutely perfect company!

On the 1st of September my other dear friend Vanda got married and my girlfriends and I were lucky enough to be invited to another fairytale wedding.

December 29, 2012

before the year is gone

Before this year is over I'd like to share with you some of my last x-mas photos.
Well, actually mostly the pics of our festive table which I love love love very much.
The combination of gold and white with everyone having a very own candle light and a napkin folded into a tree shape is super x-massy to me.
What do you think? How did you decorate your table?
PS: Surprise picture in the end of the post - haha.

Este skor ako sa tento rok skonci by som sa s Vami rada podelila o posledne vianocne fotky.
Teda viac menej hlavne o fotky naseho vianocneho stola, ktory sa mi tieto Vianoce obvzlast VELMI pacil.
Kombinacia zlatej a bielej, k tomu mal kazdy tanier vlastny svietnik a servitku poskladanu do tvaru stromceka - vianocna idylka :)
Ako vyzeral ten Vas stol?
PS: A na zaver este jedna extra-vianocna fotka - haha.

December 28, 2012

My very first

You won't believe what happened! I was featured in The Conversation - one of the most inspirational feminine online pages I know and follow!
I submitted my text in September and just yesterday discovered that it was online. I cannot explain enough how happy I was and still am.
I wrote about my friend Kitty, who I've introduced to you here and how she inspires me in almost every single way.
Please, click and check for yourself and let me know what you think!
Have a happy Friday!

Neuverite co sa stalo, lebo ani ja tomu z casti neverim! Ale moj clanok o Kitty bol publikovany na The Conversation - co je jeden z najinspirativnejsich zenskych online portalov, ake poznam, a ktore svedomito sledujem.
Svoj clanok som do projektu "I admire" poslala uz v septembri, ale uverejnili ho len vcera - konecne! Neviem ani opisat a vysvetlit, ako ma to nadchlo, ale ved ti, ktori ma poznate osobne si to asi celkom isto viete predstavit, ze?

December 26, 2012

the simplest thing

Hello you!
How did you spent Christmas, lovelies?
I bet you had a blast - eating loads, drinking loads and unwrapping loads of presents - am I right?
But isn't the most perfect time just to be home with your family and a Christmas tree?
Well, judge me, but my bro and I were messing around on the Christmas Eve and look how funny pics came out.
Wish you all a very nice after-x-mass happiness and relaxation!

Tak ako ste stravili tohtorocne Vianoce?
Urcite ste sa mali priam fanfarovo - vela ste jedli, vela ste pili, a tak isto ste si aj vela otvarali darceky - ze?
Ale nie je nahodou ten najkrajsi cas ten, kedy sme vsetci doma, s celou rodinou a vonavym vianocnym stromcekom?
No, v kazdom pripade, posudte sami ako sme s mojim bratom blbli v cas vianocny a pred tym ako sa u nas podavala stedrovecerna vecera sme este nafotili tieto zabavne fotky!
Tak a teraz Vam uz len zazelam stastne a vesele posviatkovanie!
Hlavne aby ste si oddychli, aby Vam splasli bruska a nacerpali sily na Silvestra :)

December 23, 2012

day before x-mas

Sometimes I wish it was possible to add music into the photo, so you can listen to the same Christmas songs as I did while snapping these pics!
The perfect atmosphere to have a date or just to stroll in a snow and smile around.
I was rushing to have a glass of Gluhwein with my friend, who I haven't seen in ages. And oh my, nothing has changed :)
Wish you a very pre-merry x-mas and talk to you tomorrow with loads of Christmas stuff!

Niekedy si zelam, aby bolo mozne vlozit do fotky hudbu, ktoru prave vtedy pocuvam. Bohuzial to este stale nie je mozne, a tak Vam to tu len opisem, ako uplne dokonalu vianocnu atmosferu dnesneho vecera.
Vonku padal sneh, svetialka svietili, na Hlavnej ulici sa ozyvali koledy a ja som mala na ponahlo na rande s kamoskou, ktoru som nevidela roky.
A viete co? Nic sa nezmenilo, znovu ako keby sme mali 13 a sedeli spolu v lavici :D
Zelam Vam krasny predvianocny vecer! Zajtra sa teste na zaplavu Vianoc (ak budem stihat)!

December 18, 2012

dreaming of a white Christmas

Pictures from last year when I did have some time spare and manage to craft a lil bit.
Now I'm just writing down few warm word and rushing to the post wishing my M&S cards will arrive before X-mas!
Have you sent them already? Or is there a super long queue at the post?

getting THE spirit

I wish everyday was x-mas!

Lately obsessed with Tadaa app on iPhone!
Try it, it's for free and more options than on Instagram.
PS: There will be more pics coming from this photo shoot soon.


December 14, 2012

Play more!

Immediately after that MAC ad yesterday, I did some more digging and found that it certainly wasn't revolutionary, as Madewell and Kate Spade already did so as well. But here you go, for your very own inspiration, enjoy and play with these two more! (just click on them to watch)
Ok, seems that there are some difficulties when it comes to opening the videos. That's why I'm leaving you only with the link to interlude where among their projects you'll find also Madewell and Kate Spade video. Click to watch!
Which one is your favorite?

Hned po tom, ako som tu vcera uverejnila interaktivnu reklamu od MAC, tak som si o nich zacala trochu viac googlit, a zistila som, ze neslo velmi o revoluciu, nakolko uz podobne reklamy urobili Madewell a Kate Spade. Ponukam Vam ich tu pre porovnanie, aby ste sa mohli trochu viac zahrat a pobavit sa! (video sa zobrazi po kliknuti na nazov, nepodarilo sa mi ich tu vlozit, sorry!)
Ok, nakolko nejako zlyhalo spojenie medzi videami a blogom, tak Vam tu nechavam odkaz priamo na interlude, kde medzi ich projektmi najdete aj uz spomenute videa od Madewell a Kate Spade. Click to watch!
Ktora je Vasa oblubena?

December 13, 2012

Let's play!

Ever since I've discovered this M.A.C ad, I couldn't stop playing with it and making and matching new looks and colors! Literally my life stopped for half an hour and I swear if it wasn't for economics and the upcoming exam, I'd run to M.A.C store just NOW!
Well done!
Odkedy som objavila tuto uzasnu interaktivnu reklamu na M.A.C, nemozem sa s nou prestat hrat a este stale som nevyskusala vsetky moznosti, ktore nam ponuka.

December 12, 2012

little blue box

I believe that every girl dreams about the little blue box underneath the Christmas tree or in front of her door :)
Perfect Christmas inspiration from Tiffany's shopping window!
Like it?


December 10, 2012


Sometimes you don't have to drive over the borders to get into the best Christmas mood!

Our Christmas Market here in Prague. Wouldn't recommend to drink "Gluhwein" there, but besides this, we have the prettiest "Tannenbaum". 

Nas vianocny trh v Prahe. Asi by som Vam neodporucala pit tam varene vino, ale az na tento detail tam vladne prima vianocna atmosfera a jednoznacne mame najkrajsi vianocny stromcek!

December 7, 2012

...and one more for today

As I always say - better later than never! So let me commemorate today as the day when my dear friend Nora has b-day!!!


Last year this time we were crazily celebrating in Berlin. This time and this year we are both in different cities but still trying to keep in touch and constantly planning the reunion. Fingers crossed that we see each other soon.

Christmas cow inspiration

When I've got time, I like to craft presents for my friends. Not that I have some time left now, but I managed to squeeze it in - somehow. 
And so far, my friend Csilla already received the package where I carefully packed this cow, I can reveal it here as well!

Ked mam cas, tak rada majstrujem darceky pre mojich kamaratov. Nie zeby som mala cas teraz, ale nejak sa mi ho podarilo vtlacit medzi tie skusky a testy, co ma cakaju.
A nakolko Csilla uz dostala balicek, kde som jej tuto kravu opatrne zabalila, myslim, ze ju teda mozem zverejnit aj na blogu:)

Honestly, it's no big deal. I just bought a cow for milk in the shop and decided to personalize it a lil bit. So I bought colors for porcelain and got started. The aim was to make a christmas cow, but my mum calls it rather a Hungarian national cow - due to the colors, I guess :D

Ziadnu vedu za tym nehladajte. V obchode som kupila kravicku na mlieko, a rozhodla som sa ju personalizovat a urobit z nej vianocnu kravu. S pomocou fixiek na porcelan to slo velmi lahko, i ked mamka vyhlasila, ze vyzera skor ako madarska narodna krava :D

Yep, yep, me being super concentrated on my job!

And voila, the result is here! Just don't forget that sometimes it is essential to bake it in the owen so the color won't rip off after washing it!
What do you think? Do you like it?

A voila, tu je vysledok! Nezabudnite, ze niekedy je potrebne, aby ste porcelan po tom co nan nanesiete farby dali do rury vypiect, aby sa z neho neosupala farba po tom co sa zacne pouzivat!
Ako sa Vam inak paci?


December 6, 2012

6th December

Hope your boots were all nice and shiny and you got some sweets and candies to spend some time till Christmas come!
I got a new friend to spend my studying period with! So everyone say hello to my reindeer! 
Wish you all a happy st. Nicolaus!

December 3, 2012

Vianočky na trhu, part 2

I don't know how Germans do it, but for some reason Christmas markets here are always OVERCROWDED!!! And with overcrowded I mean SUPER overcrowded. It's like walking into Zara, when they have sales, or even when they don't, or walking into Tesco on Friday afternoon, when everyone is shopping for weekend. Yes, this is a Christmas Market in Germany. And it wasn't different in Dresden this weekend either.
It might be the high quality mixed with expectations but for some reason there were like million Czech people everywhere and it was pretty difficult to spot a German among them haha.
Now, I'm sending you some more christmasy pictures from the weekend. Hope you'll enjoy and get inspired to go and get your x-mas mug from some x-mas market!
Do you also travel for x-mas market? Which one is your favorite? 
Let me know I am all ears!

Neviem ako to ti Nemci robia, ale z nejakeho dovodu su stale nemecke vianocne trhy uplne PREPCHATE! A myslim tym SUPER prepchate. Nieco ako ked vojdete do Zary, ked maju vypredaje,  sice aj ked nemaju, alebo ked vojdete do Tesca v piatok poobede, ked si kazdy robi zasoby na vikend. Ano, inak tomu nebolo ani tento vikend v Drazdanoch.
Je to mozno tou vysokou kvalitou, ktora sa tu miesa s ocakavaniami a dojazdovou blizkostou, ale tento vikend tam bolo asi milion Cechov, a bolo vazne zlozite najst v tej mase ludi nejakeho Nemca - haha.
Dnes Vam tu este necham zopar fotiek z trhov, aby ste sa inspirovali a nacerpali vianocnu atmosferu.
Cestujete aj Vy za vianocnymi trhmi? Ktory je Vas najoblubenejsi?
Som same usi! 

Vianocna "štóla" - velmi typicka pre nemecky trh

Och, tieto babatka v orechovej skrupinke sa pre mna stavaju vyzvou Vianoc, pokusim sa nieco take zmajstrovat doma! Nemoze to byt az take tazke haha

Dve vianocky vysmiate ako leco :D


Ozdoby na stromcek

Dali sme si samozrejme aj pecene gastany - mnam!