June 29, 2013

And the memories will live on

It's official and I'm letting everyone know - I've graduated
And here I present you with some perks of this day. Not to mention, that tomorrow we plan a big reenactment for both grannies and the rest of the family, who couldn't make it to Prague. 
But here I am with: first with my brother dear

and here with my wonderful and patient roommate Katka :)

Here with my god-sister Muma :)

June 25, 2013

Quality time

Last days were all about family and quality time.
From time to time everyone of us needs the refill on family visits, obligations and conversations:)
This time it was connected with my graduation ceremony and Bon Jovi concert in Prague, where my cousin and aunt, the biggest fans, went.
Besides some very hot days and some very rainy days, we spent nice time together and I am happily looking forward to coming home and starting the new chapter of my life. Who knows what summer brings?! Just hope, that at least some nice tan - wouldn't be bad at all. Let's leave job hunting for September and enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing :)))

Vikend sa niesol v znameni celo-rodinnej navstevy spojeny s mojimi promociami a koncertom Bon Jovi, ktoreho sa zucastnili dve najvacsie fanusicky, a sice moja teta a sesternica.
Z casu na cas vsetci potrebujeme doplnenie endorfinov, konverzacii a rodicovskych usmerneni. A aj napriek extremnemu teplo a potom extremnym dazdom sme si to vsetci velmi uzili. Mozem len povedat, ze sa uz tesim domov na zacatie novej kapitoly vo svojom zivote. Mam optimisticke vyhliadky na leto, a aj napriek tomu ze by som sa mala obhliadat za pracou, ktora plati viac ako len skusenostami, nemozem sa ubranit svojim preferenciam mora a slnka a nevymyslat, kde sa budem toto leto opalovat. Starosti nechavam na september :)

June 21, 2013

Better once see than only hear

One can only appreciate things when they are ending. And even thought I am not saying good bye to Prague YET - I am moving out for the summer.
This wonderful view is just a glimpse of everything what this city has to offer and I truly believe that our paths will cross again in the autumn.
PS: Have a happy first day of summer everyone :)


June 18, 2013

future wild open

Hello - all of you who are still stopping by even though it has been silence for so long. 
In last 3 weeks of my life, things have changed. I've graduated, got a title, managed to give back all the books from library. Started to look for a job, which no longer has to be an internship, as now I have a title for the more qualified job - or at least more paid job, haha. 
Ok, let's be realistic and let's go home. Because who knows when the next holiday is coming?! After all being a full-time adult doesn't sound right in my ears and so I am constantly planning up my escape into the fairy tale world, where I can pet elephants and don't have to care about the financial security. 
How about you? Does graduation also mean this BIG change? Share!