November 30, 2013

6 years later...

6 years later and it's my little brother leaving high school, getting ready for his prom. Getting ready for life after prom. It makes me think, what have I done with my life after high school? Where did I go? What did I see? University. Europe. USA. Dancing. Kissing. Laughing. Flying. Screaming. Working. Studying. And then some more kissing.
But anything he is gonna choose, has to make him happy. And I am gonna be there to watch over!

What about you? How did your life change after the prom dance?

November 27, 2013

WANTED! Role models to identify with

As I was doing some blog research I stumbled through loads of blogs. Initially they were all fashion blogs, which didn’t surprise me as much as the age of the girls who were running them. From 13 till 15 and then 18 and more - naturally. What surprised me more were girls who are 13 and wear outfits and present themselves as if they were at least 30(!!!). I am thinking of myself, which hobbies I had and what did I wear at that time and I can’t point out a single one which wouldn’t be just too childish in comparison to those ladies running their fashion blogs. 

But it’s not just about the fashion. It’s also the mainstream identification with the favorite characters from Gossip Girl to Sex and the City. Just the other day I read a post on a blog of a girl who just got braces and she was writing how she can completely identify with Miranda from SATC! REALLY??? Isn’t this a little bit too much? How can a teenage girl identify with a character, which is almost 40? I can barely identify with characters form SATC myself and I am not 18 anymore. On the other hand I fully admit that I am no exception and also used to try those quizzes where they tell you, which character is like you. And yes, we all wanted to be like Carrie. And yes, in the end, we all ended up like someone else. Charlotte, in my case.  

But what I am trying to point out for you here is that we should look for role models and someone to identify with from our own circles. At least from our own age circles. Kids should enjoy their childhood and stop counting down the days till they are mature finally. Easier said that done, because we all have been there and done that.

After all my only concern is: Where is this world heading to when children identify with roles suited for their parents? Do we really lack in role models for our little ones?

Let’s discuss!

PS: Image via Pinterest

November 25, 2013

Why I’ve stopped following fashion blogs (and I’m not afraid to say it!)

Thinking of it, it would be maybe wiser to tell you first, why I actually started to follow fashion blogs. It was 3 years ago and I was in my last year of BA, procrastinating, looking for inspiration and most of all (NOT) writing my thesis. There was no Pinterest at that time (which sucked BIG times!!) to help me past the days. So I followed girls, who were as ordinary as I was, but without a personal challenge to write something meaningful. They were challenged differently: to wear and not to write. It was easy to associate with them, because we all were (and I still am) shopping in H&M, Mango or Zara (if I got a scholarship). From time to time they introduced some designer handbag or shoes. It was thanks to the fashion blogs I discovered 7 for all mankind (and I’m eternally grateful!), Equipment (which I still can’t afford) or ACNE (shame on me I didn’t know it before!). I was happy I knew something new, original and tasteful. And when I was shopping I could pick up pieces I’ve seen and liked on these blogs. Easy. But where are those girls now? What are they wearing? I can tell you, that I can’t certainly afford anything I see on fashion blogs nowadays. I still don’t own my Jimmies or Loubies. And I’ve started to have difficulties with affording pieces from Zara (is it only me or are their prices just super HIGH?). Slowly, really slowly, I’m starting to make my point here. The girls, who looked like my next-door neighbor, became popular, glamorous and UNATTAINABLE. It makes no difference for me to follow Kate Middleton or Chiara Ferragni. And face it; Kate is at least royalty! I’m missing fresh style, original ideas and attainability (mixed with affordability). Because it’s not about money, fortune and fame – it’s about being playful, innovative and original. As I am always saying: everyone can be well dressed with pockets full of money. It’s not money who do magic. It’s creativity. And that’s exactly WHY I’ve started following creative blogs! Instead. 

For some more inspiration, I leave you with an article from Garance, who is one of the least fashion bloggers I still do follow: The Other Girls


PS: Pictures via pinterest

November 22, 2013


Do not worry, I am not going to Paris-over-dose-you! This is officially the last post from the city of love and rats. I wouldn't believe if I didn't see on my own eyes that right under the Eiffel Tower the whole rat family was having a dinner from the trash. Well at least now I know why Ratatouille was a rat :)
Wish you all a happy weekend! Mine will be about celebrating as I am 24 and 1/4 today! No, I am not kidding - I am celebrating! x

November 19, 2013

How new memories were made

First day - we tried to stay cultural. But the second day - there was some serious shopping business for us. Even though most of the times just window-shopping one. But anyway - still fun!
After being more than disappointed from Christmas market down from Concorde to Champs Elysee - Gallerie LaFayette and Printemps made it for us! The cutest shopping window with teddies everywhere and a huge x-mas tree in the middle! Wow, we were mesmerized!  
Afterwards we strolled some streets with people with big paper bags running everywhere, did some low cost shopping and had pancakes for lunch. My very favorite is goat cheese with walnuts with honey on top - yum! Kit went for more classic version: salmon and spinach - also very good.
After the lunch our steps went into the direction of Boulevard Saint Germain and the legendary Cafe De Flore. I didn't even have to persuade Kitty to come and wait a line to get inside of this place where so many influential people dined before us. Coming to my mind just now: Breton, Sartre, Hemingway, Picasso, Prevert,...
Later on we met up with Miguel and had a cultural walk in the gardens of Rodin's Museum. Well done for a one day in Paris!
- X-mas at Printemps -

- macaroons at Cafe Puschkin -

- X-mas at Lafayette -

- X-mas at Lindt flag-store -

November 18, 2013

Back to basics - back to Paris

Kitty, Miguel and I met in Paris. 4 years ago. At summer university organized by AEGEE. Big thanks! Because you know what? We're still friends! Together we visited the major capitals of Europe, counting in Berlin, Amsterdam, London and many more with Kitty only: Budapest, Prague, Rome,...

This time we made it back to Paris as Miguel is a smart ass and studies at La Sorbonne. Walking down Boulevard Saint Germain, having ridiculously expensive coffees and enjoying each others company was priceless. And I am thankful for friends like these. So yes, they don't call Paris "The city of love" for no reason at all. I love those two and can't wait to see them again, maybe even in Prague! 

- our everyday breakfast from the little bakery just around the corner from Miguel's flat -

- all the happy faces -

November 10, 2013

And so we're all full-aged in our family!

Guess what? My little brother just turned 18! And the whole family gathered to support him with candle-blowing :)
As you can see from the pictures, he's a big tennis fan and even bigger tennis player. The cake, amazing as always, from our family friend - chocolate with fruits. Refreshing and delicious.
But not to put him under the spotlight on his own, our cousin Petra turned 18 - a month ago and this was their mutual b-day celebration. 
During this whole day I was constantly reminiscing about my own celebration of this special moment in everyone's life. My friends threw a surprise party for me, which I couldn't believe at all. It was all perfect, special and the pure moment of surprise was just awesome. Sometimes I still look at the pictures we took, see some faces I haven't seen in ages and then talk about them with those who remained. 
I really hope that everyone had a special celebration of their 18th b-day and if you're up to it, just share! I'd be over the moon.

- b-day girl and b-day boy -

- unusually in black -

- our first drink as adults -