July 26, 2014


Lovely ladies,

before departing on a real vacation to the real sea - I am sending you greetings and memories from our last retro weekend, which my girls and I spent at the lake outside of the city. Totally felt like in some movie from the 60s and thought that this had to be a dream holiday in 1968, when the boarders were closed and Croatia was the most exotic place to be / no offense! But that's how life used to be - probably/

It must have been one of the hottest days this summer and we were lucky enough that: 1/ Lubka has a car. 2/ Lubka decided to split her time between us and her boyfriend. 3/ Water was cold and refreshing. Weather was not SO hot. And frappe was delicious! What more can you possibly dream of, right?

So now back to packing and deciding whether 2 pairs of swimsuits are just enough and how many tanks I need for an Italian holiday.

Stay with me and bare with me and I promise I'll be back soon!



July 17, 2014


Hello summer beauties!

I don't know why but today the whole day I was living a dream and fantasy that it's actually FRIDAY! And guess what?! It's NOT - sadly :( 

Summer time in Prague is grand. All those open air movies, parties and drinks. On Tuesday we went with my friends and co-workers for a summer cinema at the river side. Do I have to tell you that we haven't watched the first half of the movie AT ALL? That we spent it talking and drinking Aperol Spritz, which was the main drink of the event. Sitting on the blanket on a green grass - oh perfect dating place - LOL. 

And which was the movie? Italian LA VITA E BELLA. Bittersweet. A tiny bit depressing. But still sweet and funny - at certain point of view. 

What are you doing during summer evenings and night? I am desperately waiting for Friday to finally roll in, so I can check another summer movie theater - yaaay!

Have a happy happy Friday everyone!

Lenka, xx

I've told you it was all about Aperol... :)))

July 14, 2014


Hello lovelies!

As I promised you the last time, I am coming back with the second part of the summer weekend delight. This time from Marianske lazne (google it!), which is another fancy spa town close to the borders with Germany. This time no spa for us, but next time I will not be that strong to say NO! 

What can I tell you about this trip? How we got lost, drove on a super tiny road, saw beautiful landscape and then in the end the GPS was really right and brought us to our final destination? Oh well, I have to admit, I was skeptical...;-)

We walked around, breathed fresh air and pretended that time didn't exist. Or maybe it really doesn't when you're surrounded my your soul-mates, friends and basically your second you - as I like to call Lucka, due to our identical and impeccable taste in almost EVERYTHING :D

Hope you all had a happy and successful Monday! Keep on shining! 

Lenka, xxx

 Definitely not like a statue...:))

The prettiest girls!

July 13, 2014


First of all - SORRY! To all of you or maybe just to the two of you - I've been absent (and not only minded), but now trying to win you all back - AGAIN!

I promised to my friend Csilla (who's currently in Mexico and blogging for you at themoreIsee), that I'll come back to blogging and keep her and you updated on the tiny details of my life and summer in Prague. As I like to say and repeat myself - life happened and here I am on Sunday evening typing these lines for you, which I should have done weeks ago.

So here is my first part of my first holiday trip - apart from traveling back to Slovakia, which simply doesn't count for the reason being - to Karlsbad, a.k.a. Karlove Vary - very Russian and very posh town in the Western part of Bohemia. My friends and colleagues from work took a trip to this town for the International Film Festival but in the end we haven't seen any movie. Instead we decided to stroll around the city and take some other trip - about which I'll tell you for sure tomorrow (now when I finally have some snaps, I need to divide them and save them so you and I will have a motivation to come here again :))

Hope all of you are having a fab summer evening and are fully regenerated to kick off another week!

Have a happy one!

Lenka, xx

Because no one likes still life pictures...

This picture with the shopping window was made due to its reference to the zodiac signs. For those who know me better, you all know about my obsession with horoscopes - LOL.

Horse and I - both smiling and laughing!