September 23, 2013


After spending 2.5 hours waiting for the miracle to happen - here is the result. Shorter, healthier and most definitely more fresh!
Those 2 hours were more than rewarding for me. Even though I was going crazy from the constant sitting and waiting, I had a chance to spend it with my hairdresser's daughter - 5 years old girl, dressed up from head to toes in pink (yes, yes, yes - me but little - lol) and she had the most adorable doggie with her - jack russell puppy (yes, little Fikkie - that's for Kitty). The highlight of this cute encounter was when she asked me, whether I was born when there were still back&white movies on tv? I've never felt that old in my life. But luckily, I was born when there were ALREADY normal color movies on tv, 1989 - what a year!
And what about you? Which movies were on telly when you were born? x

September 22, 2013


Hello you!
Tomorrow is finally the day when I'll have a new haircut. Can't wait for a change! Even thought there's no other big change in my life yet, let it be that the new hair will bring me one :)
Wait for the pictures to come... x

September 20, 2013

There are mushrooms in the forest!

Hey guys,
weekend is almost here. What are your plans? As this is my LAST holiday weekend at home, I think that I'll just sleep in and have a huge breakfast. And most definitely will have to say good byee to my family. There's nothing tragical about the end of holiday in the end of September. Let's face it, I've been on vacation ever since July. And now, one more positive thing about the whole PhD is that 3-months-long-summer-holidays are waiting for me also the next summer!! Yaay
Anyway, here's what we did last wknd. We went to the forest, had a walk and found some mushrooms! Here they are! BIG oneeees! 
Ok, enjoy for now and take care :)

- my brother with the big mushroom -

- me with the littlest possible -

September 17, 2013

And now the time is right

I've been waiting the whole summer for the news, which were delivered just yesterday. And so it is that I'll be moving back to the city again. Prague. 
Why? I was accepted for a PhD program, which I am happy, scared and thrilled at the same time. And then again terrified! 
I don't know what I was awaiting to come by this time, but definitely not me going back to school after the whole 3 months of procrastinating and traveling around. 
Oh well, things happen and it is time for me to move on and don't get stuck somewhere between my bed, sofa and tv during my pyjama days. Even tho I'll love those days forever and ever - LOL

September 16, 2013

Where fairytales come with breakfast

I think that I've already been talking about everything over here. And yet it comes. My favorite place where to hang out, in Kosice. And surprisingly it is not at home in my "so-called-Disneyland-bedroom" - which is Kitty's name for everything glitter-sparkle-and-pink on my table and beyond :)
First time I've explored this place was with my friend Csilla. And ever since I keep coming back. I brought here loads of my friends, my mom included. I just can't get over the style how they serve you a coffee - those little china cups are to die for. Ok, maybe not, but still breathtakingly beautiful. I even went looking for something similar on a local market, but couldn't find anything what would match my imagination. Typical.
Anyway, come and check the place! They even have a library :)

Rozpravkova ranajkaren * Hrnciarska * Kosice

- Kitty and I with our delights on the table -

- me looking happy happy as I found this heaven on Earth here -

September 11, 2013

How we almost made it to Slovenia but ended up in Slovakia instead

Well, at least that was a plan. But you all know it, how does it go with planning. I could plan whatever I wanted to but some higher power meant us for some completely different adventure. With my family. After Budapest we departed to Kosice - The European Capital of Culture. Yes, I am proud of our little town. We have decided for Kosice because: a.) there is a regular train connection twice a day, which takes only 3.5 hours. Unlike to Slovenia, where a direct train from Budapest departs only twice a week and of course that was kinda crappy for us as Kitty already had her flight back home booked. And yes, there were other options, like for 250 euros through Vienna or for only 50 euros through Zagreb, but that would take more than 11 hours. So yes, now you know why we accidentally ended up in Kosice. b.) There are always empty beds and warm supper on the table waiting for us.
So I took Kitty around my hometown, climbed up the Northern Tower of St. Elizabeth Cathedral, sat her by Sandor Marai statue and brought her to my fav places where to have a cup of coffee.

- the view from the top with the State Theater and the park with fountain -

- thank you German tourists for taking picture of us - on the tower -

- the oldest coat of arms in Europe -

- Smelly cat cafe -

September 9, 2013

How I found heaven on Earth...

There are loads of things I love about Budapest, but finally I found my cherry on the top! SUGAR SHOP. Full-stop. You have to enter this shop and cafe to really understand what I mean. Even tho my friend Nik likes to say that I am able to find heaven on Earth basically everywhere, so this shouldn't be no particular exception of my exclamation. But still. The cakes. The drinks. The place. Everything you've ever wished for with the whipped cream on it! Yummmy! 
So Kitty and I visited this place with our friend Brigitta - who is Budapest local - and we have to tell you that now we adore her for bringing us here and introducing us to such a wonderland!
Ok, if you happen to be in Budapest any time soon, don't hesitate and go and check it! x

Existuje asi milion dovodov, preco mam Budapest tak rada, ale konecne som nasla tu ceresnicku na torte, a sice SUGAR SHOP. Bodka. Nic viac k tomu nemusim dodat, lebo akekolvek doveryhodne budu moje opisy tohto Disneylandu plneho kolacov, tak stale budu chabe a nebudu zodpovedat tomu, comu by mali. Moj kamarat Nik mi stale vravi, ze ja som schopna najst nebo na zemi skoro vsade, takze moje ovacie nad tymto miestom bral so znacnou rezervou. Ale chyba! Tie kolace. Tie drinky. A to miesto. Vsetko co som si kedy priala, a este k tomu pod jednou strechou! Mnam!
S Kitty nas na toto miesto zaviedla Brigitta, ktora vola Budapest svojim domov, a tak pozna rozlicne zakutia tohto mesta. V kazdom pripade sme jej nekonecne vdacne, ze nas zoznamila s tymto miestom. A tak, ked budete najblizsie v meste, nevahajte ani sekundu! Viete kam mate ist ;-) x

- my lavender and green tea cake -

- Kitty and Brigitta -

- feeling like in Disneyland -

September 6, 2013

My zillionth time in Budapest!

Sometimes it happens and you are lucky enough to find your soulmates. And last week I was the happiest as I had a chance to spend few days with these two girls in my almost favorite city in the world. Well, Budapest it is. Stole my heart very first time we met, back in...2009(?!). Who knows now!
I met Kitty after a year (!!!) and it was greaaaat - as always. We were laughing and actually crying from laugh. Csilla dear was our host and showed us around all the places where we could get the best cake and coffee and most of all brunch! I even tried sushi like second time in my life, haha. Why it had to be in Budapest, which is just absolutely NOT at the seaside, I don't know. But it happened and I liked it and now I can proudly say I LIKE IT. 
Ok, enough for Friday evening. Hope you're all doing just well! x

Niekedy sa to stane a my stretneme spriaznene duse. A stalo sa aj to, ze som s tymi svojimi stravila niekolko nezabudnutelnych dni v Budapesti. Neviem ako sa to stalo, ale Budapest mi vyrazila dych a moje srdce jej patri uz hrozne dlho a mozno je to aj moje najoblubenejsie mesto na svete. Och bolo to davno. Bolo to v 2009 (?!). hahaha Kto si to uz ma pamatat?!
S Kitty sme sa videli po roku (!!!). Zdalo sa to byt vecnost, ale hned ako sme sa na letisku stretli, vecnost bola prec a znovu sme sa smiali az sme plakali. Klasika. Byvali sme u drahej Csilly, ktora nam ukazala tie najlepsie miesta, kde si dat kolacik, salku kavy a hlavne ranajky. A dokonca som vyskusala aj sushi, asi druhykrat v zivote! Neviem preco to muselo byt prave v Budapesti, ktora ani nahodou nie je pri mori, ale bolo to dobre, a tak mozem hrdo vyhlasit, ze SUSHI MI CHUTI.
Ok, a to by uz asi aj mohlo byt vsetko na piatok vecer. Dufam, ze sa vsetci mate fajn! x

- oh delights -

- in the cafe where also Sisi used to come - 

- in the footprints of Katy Perry -

- Kitty -

- the view is amazing, but we were lacking the sunshine -

- The Hero's Square -

September 4, 2013

Under Water

Yes, we are the generation of having it all. Fully admit it. The older we become the more expensive our toys are. And even though we are not kids anymore, we still like to play. Our toy for summer and also winter vacation became GoPro camera. This summer we used it for the very first time under water and it survived, what else - right? :) So here are some funny, completely NOT professional pictures. But we keep on working on it and promise to get better. Maybe also treat you with some holiday video!

Ano, oficialne priznavam, ze je z nas generacia tych, co maju vsetko. Niet k tomu co dodat. A tak, cim sme starsi, tym su nase hracky drahsie. A aj ked uz nie sme deti, stale sa radi hrame. Hrackou pre toto leto sa stala kamera GoPro. Pod vodou sme ju pouzili prvykrat, a tak musite ospravedlnit nase neprofesionalne snimky. Do buducna na sebe zapracujeme, ja sa naucim s nou manipuloval a citat aj to, co je napisane na displaji, aby sme mali krajsie a lepsie fotky :) A mozno pribudne aj nejake to prazdninove video ;-)

September 2, 2013

Keeping memories alive

Here I am with the second post dedicated to the newest member of the EU: Croatia!
This summer was my second time in here and I have to confess that I had no expectations at all. Before it was all about cold water, no sandy beaches and little towns without night life. Or at least in my memories. Those were actually transformed and now I fell in love. My friend Csilla considers Croatia for her most favorite country. I wouldn't go that far, but most certainly one of the most fav for summer - now! I don't remember cold water now or rocky beaches, because sea was pleasantly warm and who cares for now sand? We are not kids anymore, so I took it only as an advantage that I didn't have sand everywhere! haha But the most important is that I've spent those days with people I love and care about and that's more important that sandy beach and cocktails! 
Anyway, here is the sample of some other delights! Enjoy, x.

A som tu znovu, tentokrat s druhou varkou obrazkov a spomienok z letnych prazdnin, ktore sme stravili v najnovsom clenovi EU: Chorvatsku! (ok, to znelo celkom divne :D)
V kazdom pripade, pred tym ako sme sa rozhodli toto leto zakotvit v Chorvatsku som mala uprimne: ziadne ocakavia. V minulosti sme boli v Chorvatsku len raz, na ostrove Krk, a nie som si celkom ista, ake su moje spomienky, lebo za a.) bolo to davno a za b.) v pamati mi utkvela studena voda, dlhe slapanie na plaz a male mestecka vez turistickeho ruchu. Takze take nejake boli moje ocakavania... Moja kamoska Csilla vsak povazuje Chorvatsko za jej najoblubenejsiu krajinu. Tak daleko by som az nesla, ale mozem s urcitostou vyhlasit, ze je jednou z najlepsich na leto! Po tomto lete si nepamatam na studenu vodu a skalnate plaze, ale na krystalovo cistu vodu s prijemnou teplotou. A koho vlastne zaujima piesok? Ved uz nie sme deti, aby sme si z neho piekli kolace. Teraz to beriem ako vyhodu, aspon nemam piesok vsade! haha Co je ale najdolezitejsie je to, ze sme tychto par dni pri mori prezili s ludmi, ktorych mame radi a na ktorych nam zalezi, a to je omnoho dolezitejsie ako tepla voda, piesok a cocktaily!
A tak Vam tu nechavam zopar obrazkov, ktore v tomto pocasi isto zdvihnu naladu:) 

- my brother, very photogenic :)) -

- Mali Losinj, harbor - 

- My friend Baša, lebo je super! -

- hello breakfast -

September 1, 2013

Still alive - haven't forgotten about you!

Hello there!
First of all I am terribly sorry I was so mute during the whole august. Once I got on holiday I left everything at home and had no chance to procrastinate and blog for you and me :) But luckily even thought the summer is almost over, I'll be able to fill you up with all the pictures and memories I've made!
Let's start with little piece of paradise, which I found surprisingly in Croatia. My family and our friends visited little town Mali Losinj on the island Losinj and oh my heaven on Earth! No kidding!!! The sea, the sun, the food. Just the perfect combination of everything. Although I have to admit that from the beginning we had kinda difficulties when it comes to accommodation, which included double booking - uuuups! - in the end we were all very satisfied and sad that after those 10 wonderful days we have to depart home. So here I am, offering you some snaps from this trip! Finally! 

V prvom rade by som sa chcela ospravedlnit, ze som sa skoro na cely august odmlcala. Ale ako to vsetci isto poznate, ked raz vypadneme z domu, zabudneme na vsetky male detaily a prokrastinaciu, ktoru vo vsedne dni robime. A tak som aj ja nechala pocitac doma a vykaslala sa na vsetko. Rozhodla som sa uzit si leto a pritomnost! Z tohoto dovodu Vas budem zasobovat letnymi fotkami este aj podstatnu cast septembra - aspon si predlzime leto, ktore ako sa zda, sa uz davno pobalilo a odislo.
Zacnem dovolenkou v Chorvatsku, ktora ma uprimne prekvapila. S rodinou a priatelmi sme sa vybrali do mestecka Mali Losinj, na ostrove Losinj. Pisuc tieto riadky koncom augusta, zda sa mi to poriadne davno a pri tom su to len dva tyzdne, co sme sa vratili domov. V kazdom pripade sme si to hrozne uzili. Dokonala kombinacia slnka, mora a jedla. Tak akurat zo vsetkeho! Aj napriek tomu, ze sme zo zaciatku mali iste problemy s ubytovanim, to sa rychlo vyriesilo a my sme si mohli uzit 10 dni nic nerobenia pri mori. A tak Vam tu teraz ponukam prvu varku toho, co sme zazili, videli a odfotili :) Konecne!!!

- the view over the local port -

- brother and I posing in the port -