August 16, 2012

all those resolutions and revolutions

All of us have those new years resolutions and then following revolutions in life. But how long can you keep up with that new years spirit?
This year I didn't even make one, 'cos I am still lacking in fulfilling the resolutions from last years... oh well. 
On the top of the list is to read more Economist than Vogue or any other magazine where are just photos and pictures of nice things. And you wanna know how am I doing? Oh well again! But this time I've almost made it, as I collected nice amount of smart papers and now I am summing up the courage to open them up!
How are you doing with your resolutions? Tell me your story! 

Vsetci to isto pozname, vsetky tie novorocne predsavzatia a nasledne zivotne revolucie, ktore maju trvanie tak maximalne do konca januara. 
Tento rok som si ani ziadne predsavzatie nedala, lebo este stale musim splnit dalsich x z minulych rokov...ach jaj.
Cislom jedna na mojom zozname je citat viac Economist ako Vogue alebo hoc aky ten obrazkovy casopis s peknymi fotkami a vecami v nom. A chcete vediet ako na tom som? Znovu len ach jaj! Ale tentokrat som to skoro dokazala. Podarilo sa mi nazhromazdit slusnu kopku mudrych casopisov a novin, a teraz uz len zbieram odvahu, aby som ich otvorila!
Ako to ide Vam s predsavzatiami? Som same usi! 


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