August 27, 2012

like a princess

Remember that episode of Friends, when Rachel and Phoebe went running? And how embarrassed Rachel felt when Phoeby was running so childishly around? And also how Phoebe said that without running as fast as a kid to the monkey bars, it has simply no meaning to her?
So something similar happened to Csilla and I, when we visited a castle, where you could make your own paper crown! How cool, right? Do I have to tell you, that Csilla was more than hesitant? Haha, I am sure I don't. But then, once I asked if this is only for children or also other people can participate, she completely got into it. That much, that she even took her paper crown back home with her (mine is  also resting on a shelf in my room).
What I was trying to write here today is, that it doesn't matter what you do, if it makes you happy! And what if all the German tourists were staring at us?! Absolutely nothing! So just go there and have a time of your life!
PS: Special thanks to Csilla for modeling for me - you're the best! 
Pamatate si tu cast z Priatelov, ked Rachel a Phoebe behali v parku? A ako trapne sa Rachel citila, ked okolo nej Phoebe pobehovala ako male decko? A tak isto aj na to, ako jej Phoebe povedala, ze bez toho aby behala tak rychlo, ako dieta co trieli na preliezky, to nema pre nu jednoducho zmysel?
Nieco podobne sa stalo aj Csille a mne, ked sme boli na hrade, kde sme si mohli vyrobit vlastne papierove korunky. Prima, no nie? Myslim, ze Vam nemusim hovorit, ako velmi Csilla vahala, ze? Haha, je mi jasne, ze nie. Ale potom, hned po tom ako som sa musela opytat, ci je to atrakcia vylucne pre deti, alebo ci sa mozu zapojit aj o nieco starsi, tak potom ju to uplne pohltilo. Az natolko, ze si svoju papierovu korunku vzala domov (samozrejme aj ta moja pekne odpociva na policke).
Co som tymto chcela povedat je, ze nezalezi na to co robite, ak Vas to naplna stastim! A co ak aj vsetci nemecki turisti na Vas budu zizat ako na chodiacu atrakciu?! Nech sa pozeraju! Takze len do toho, chodte si po "time of your life"!

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