September 18, 2012

the lucky one

Ever since last week I've started to occupy my thought with the topic: luck. Of course, nothing is accident. I was in movies during the "ladies night" and there, as you surely know, is a raffle in the end of the movie. And as I was falling asleep during the whole movie, suddenly I woke up when they announced that the seat with my number wins the first prize!
What was the prize is not that important here. Ok, it is! Well, even the picture is about it. So let's say that my perfume collection got bigger :) 
BUT... the whole life I was living in a belief that I have luck in love and not in game (well, this is a pure word by word translation from Slovak - sorry). And now this?! I've never ever won anything in a lucky-dip during my high school events. Not even a chocolate egg! And you know, my classmates were coming home with hamsters and so... (ok, I don't know what would my mom told me if I came home with a hamster. Probably we both would be thrown out of flat - but still!). 
On the other hand, I can't really say that I was that lucky in love. But I always thought that it's just supposed to come. But what to do now? Finally I am in the age when it all would be worth it and I won the ionic hair brush?! 
As my mom's colleague told me, tomorrow is a whole different day. What do you think about it?
I'm leaving you here with a Czech song about the luck. Please enjoy!

Uz od minuleho tyzdna som sa zacala zaoberat temou stastie. Samozrejme nie nahodne. Bola som v kine na "damskej jazde", a tam je stale na konci filmu tombola. A aj napriek tomu, ze som cely film umierala od nudy, tak ked vyhlasili, ze prvu cenu ziskava moje sedadlo, hned som sa prebrala!
To co bolo prvou cenou nie je az tak podstatne. Teda, samozrejme ze je. Ved o tom je aj fotka, ktoru som tu uverejnila. Povedzme, ze moja kolekcia vonaviek sa opat raz rozrastla :) 
ALE... cely zivot zijem v presvedceni, ze "nestastie v hre a stastie v laske", a teraz toto? V zivote som v tombole na skolskej diskoteke nevyhrala ani kinderko! A to moji spoluziaci vo velkom vyhravali morske prasiatka a podobne blbosti (uprimne neviem si ani predstavit, co by povedala moja mamina, keby som sa domov privliekla s morskym prasiatkom! Asi by sme mali obaja vyhadzov!). Ale aj tak!
Na druhej strane, nikdy som ani obrovske stastie v laske nemala. Ale stale som si myslela, ze to este len pride. Ale co teraz? Konecne som vo veku, kedy by sa to oplatilo a ja vyhram ionizacnu kefu na vlasy?! Ako mi vsak povedala mamkina kamoska, zajtra bude iny den a ine stastie.
Co si o tom myslite Vy? Nechavam Vam tu pesnicku pre radost:)



Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me! x