October 16, 2012

the importance of a cake (and a wine)

I've spent today's evening with my girls from university. Oh boy, felt so good! I don't know if you remember in Sex and the City when Miranda told Charlotte, that she is the only one who knows how important it is to have a cake... I can tell you, that there are definitely two of us out there who knows how important it is to have a proper cheesecake for dinner. And I am adding my special ingredient to it: white wine :)
So thank you girls for such an awesome evening! You're the best!
PS: Apologies for pictures, but I simply can't snap good ones when there's dark outside!

Dnesok som stravila so svojimi dievcatami zo skoly. Oh jej, stalo to za to - tutti frutti alebo tutti fritti? Neviem na akom pojme sme sa to uz zhodli :) Pamatate sa ale, ked Miranda vravela Charlotte v Sexe v meste, ze ona je jedina, kto vie ake dolezite je dat si kolac? V kazdom pripade Vam viem povedat, ze sme minimalne dve, ktore vedia ake dolezite je dat si na veceru malinovy cheesecake. A moja specialita k tomu? Biele vino, samozrejme :)
Dakujem Vam dievcata za tento krasny vecer! Ste naj naj naj!
PS: Ospravedlnte tie fotky, ale v tme sa mi vazne zle foti!


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