November 22, 2012

23 and 1/4

It seems to me like yesterday when we were celebrating my 22 and 1/4 b-day (don't ask about this absurd tradition, I'll tell you once)!
And now, one year later, nothing much has changed. Just that I'm not with you guys anymore, not in Berlin and certainly not 22 and 1/4!!!
Am I wiser, smarter, better, crazier or maybe prettier?
Who knows, well maybe crazier - I can definitely agree on that.
Just wanted to say thank you for sharing my memories for the last year and most of all being part of them! It means a lot to me!
Last but not least I'd like to thanks my friends with who I was pancaking today. You made me one delicious 1/4 b-day. Only shame it couldn't be in Mein Haus am See ;-)
PS: Fede thanks for taking this picture!

Zda sa mi to ako by to bolo len vcera, ked som v Berline oslavovala svoje 22 a 1/4 narodeniny (to ako vznikla tato blazniva tradicia Vam poviem niekedy inokedy)!
A teraz, o rok neskor, nezda sa mi ze by sa toho az tak vela zmenilo. Akurat uz nie som v Berline, neoslavujem to s mojimi nemeckymi kamosmi a hlavne uz nemam 22 a 1/4!!!
Mozem si povedat, ze som mudrejsia, sikovnejsia, lepsia, sialenejsia alebo azda krajsia?
Asi nie - pokial sa ale nejedna o to, ci som sialenejsia, lebo to asi ano!
Len som si tak chcela dnes zaspominat na casy stravene v Berline, ktore pre mna vela znamenali, specialne preto, ze som ich mohla prezit s Vami.
V neposlednom rade by som sa chcela podakovat kamaratom v Prahe, s ktorymi sme dnes palacinkovali a bolo to fakt mnam!
Jedina skoda, ze to nebolo v Mein Haus am See ;-)



Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me! x