December 31, 2012


End of the year is here and it's up to me and you to make a small recapitulation of the moments, which stayed in my heart and head.

So let's begin with January 2012. The year begun in Berlin (I can only wish it also ended there, haha), I travelled to meet with my colleagues but most of all friends at the ICD. Speechless moments and endless conversations.

I got the new flatmate - Nik. My head will never stop understand how can a human heart extend and how many people can actually fit in and for each and everyone create a single place to exist, share and love.

There came February with my dearest friend Petra visiting me in the capital of Germany. 
All I can remember from this visit is incredible COLD and surreal brunch we had with my friends Tjasa and Tom :)

In March I had to move back to Prague, where my university and economics were waiting for me. It broke my heart to leave Berlin, friends and all the memories behind and change it for a student life again. But wasn't long before I came back and my steps leaded directly to Barcomi's and brunch - with Fede and Nik!

April was a happy month! My baby niece was born, she is a big girl by now, but still don't wanna publish her over here, because I'm sure she would outshine me - haha. But most of all she's still just a baby, right? 
Anyway, after the Easter, my other friend Petra invited girls and me to her home and showed us something more from her life and the life of her family. 

Also needed to say, she has the cutest dog ever :)

In May there was an Impressionists Exhibition in Vienna and my friends Petra and Lubi couldn't skip it! So we went for a crazy weekend full of culture, food and craziness mixed with coolitude to Vienna.

Oh June, the month when I didn't pass the economics, but still want you back - NOW!!! Kitty and I flied to Barcelona to visit our dearest Miguel. What can be said about Barcelona? Tripple S: Sun+Sea+Sangria <3

Oh and maybe also back to July!!! The very first time I crossed the ocean and explored the USA, more precisely CALIFORNIA.
Visited family, got to know some new members of our family but most of all had fun from traveling and experiencing the country where NO is not an answer.

In August my friends and classmates from high-school - Zuzka and Jakub - got married! It was a fairytale wedding and I am pleased I could join them in celebrating their love - thank you!

But that wasn't all what happened in August. Also my friend Csilla dear came to visit me from Canada to Kosice. Her visit brought pleasure to my heart and we finished this whole trip with the celebration of my 23rd b-day in Budapest!

Together with Nori, absolutely perfect company!

On the 1st of September my other dear friend Vanda got married and my girlfriends and I were lucky enough to be invited to another fairytale wedding.

Oh well, but that was just the beginning! I decided to visit Amsterdam and Kitty as I still had holiday! So we biked, ate, drunk in Vollendam and enjoyed each others company.

Oh and the uni finally begun and together with it the legendary economics.
But I did my best and in October I headed to Szeged to participate in UN project.

On a way back I spent less than 24 hours in Budapest and then more than "24 hours of stress" on a train back to Prague, haha. Those who know me, also know the story with a train :D

In November it was a b-day of my brother, who was sweet 17!

Then the December came and one would say that it's all done. But oh well not, I started preparing for economics, which I finally passed!! Congratulations to me haha.
Also Christmas came closer and we made it to x-mas market in Dresden, because there's no place like Germany to celebrate and experience x-mas atmosphere :)

Correct me if I am wrong, but what's the better way to end the year if not with friends? I had a high-school reunion, which I enjoyed loads! To see people I grew up with, shared all my secrets and who saw me wearing glasses like a harry potter one - brought pleasure to my heart - indeed!

And now, x-mas is over, tomorrow's the new year and I am doing this recapitulation not only for you but mostly for myself. To look back and see what I've done, seen and enjoyed. Naturally there were moments which broke my heart and people who left. But that's just the natural circle of life and one has to accept it.
For those of you who made my year 2012 jolly and jelly - BIG thank you! I know there are plenty of you who didn't make it into this blog post, but keep in mind, you are deep in my heart! And I wanna embrace you every time I came across the memory you made.
May the next year be better than expected but still at least as crazy as this one was - full of family, friends and love.


  1. These pictures are just so much fun! Adore this! :)
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks TJ, the whole year was much fun indeed 8-)

  2. Gorgeous photos, the dog is very cute!!! <3

  3. Ach Leni az mam motyle v bruchu.. Dakujem, ze sme sa s Jakubom dostali do highlitov tvojho roka, ale to my dakujeme, ze si tam bola s nami!! :-*

    1. Dakujem Zuzi! Pevne verim, ze sucastou nasich zivotov zostaneme aj nadalej :) Som velmi rada, ze Vas mam! xx

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    1. Thank you, Valentina! Wish you a very happy new year as well!

  5. Lovely pictures!!you've got a great blog!!

    1. Thanks Marta! All these comments bring pleasure to my heart! x

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  7. great idea to follow each other! follow me here and on bloglovin and be sure I'll do the same ;)

  8. You look adorable:)
    great photos! Wish you to have a happy year too!
    thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment!
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    1. Hello lovely, thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment! Will follow you back without a doubt :)


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