December 13, 2012

Let's play!

Ever since I've discovered this M.A.C ad, I couldn't stop playing with it and making and matching new looks and colors! Literally my life stopped for half an hour and I swear if it wasn't for economics and the upcoming exam, I'd run to M.A.C store just NOW!
Well done!
Odkedy som objavila tuto uzasnu interaktivnu reklamu na M.A.C, nemozem sa s nou prestat hrat a este stale som nevyskusala vsetky moznosti, ktore nam ponuka. Doslova a dopismena moj zivot sa zastavil na pol hodinu, a keby v hre nebola ekonomia a moja skuska, tak by som uz davno bola na ceste do M.A.C.-u na Vaclavaku!


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