January 7, 2013

Let everyday be like x-mas...

Few day ago I've still received a x-mas card. That's nothing extraordinary, taking into the consideration the reliability of nowadays post. But still. It inspired me that much that I've decided to dedicate the whole blog post to the little x-mas in everyday. 
Let it not end up with only a wish that it was a x-mas everyday!
Let's work on it during the whole year 2013, to discover and re-discover x-mas in everyday. Of course, it doesn't have to be in a form of a x-mas card - don't be silly here. But let's be kinder and more understanding through out the year and let's be happy for little miracles in our lives, such as seeing a good friend, passing an exam or just having an extremely delicious coffee.
I am gonna try this and update you on my progress :) Join me!!!

Pred niekolkymi dnami som este stale dostavala do schranky vianocne pozdravy, aj ked uz bolo davno po Vianociach. Na tom ale nie je nic podozrive, nakolko spolahlivost nasej posty je viac ako pofiderna. Ale aj tak. Inspirovalo ma to natolko, ze som sa rozhodla venovat tejto udalosti cely prispevok.
Chcela by som Vam zdelit myslienku, ze Vianoce musime nachadzat v kazdom dni. A hlavne aby to neostalo iba pri zelani!
Podme na tom spolocne pracovat pocas celeho roku 2013, spolocne objavovat Vianoce v kazdom jeho dni. Samozrejme, ze teraz nenarazam na to, aby sme si v juni posielali vianocne karty. Skor na to, aby sme v kazdom dni nasli nejaky maly zazrak a nieco dobre, ci je to uz stretnutie dobrych kamaratov, urobenie skusky alebo len vychutnanie si extra dobrej kavy.
Tento rok sa o tom pokusim a dufam, ze Vy sa ku mne pridate!



  1. How lovely is this christmas card?? :)

  2. Great blog! I would like to invite you to me :) Let's follow each other =]
    xxx from Spain
    ♥ mydope.net ♥

    1. Thank you lovely! Good idea - let's do it :)

  3. You are right, we should have a little bit of Xmas every day!

    1. I am happy you agree :)) It's a big challenge for this year! x

  4. Love the card! im still on Christmas hangover :) thanks for the sweet comment and keep in touch!:)

    xx pauline


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