February 15, 2013

how pathetic...

How pathetic it can get, when on Valentine's day, my grandma, who is ... - well, old - gets the most presents and flowers from the family?!
Ok, I got it that they are not from some secret admirer, but from both of her sons, but still - do you get that point? 
Of course, I am just puling your leg - haha - how was your V day? :)

Myslim, ze uz to viac ani patetickejsie nemoze byt, ked na Valentina, je to prave babka, co dostane najviac kvetov a darcekov!
Je mi jasne, ze nie su od ziadnych tajnych ctitelov, ale od jej synov, ale aj tak, tu ide o princip!!!
Dufam, ze je Vam vsetkym jasne, ze si robim srandu :D Kvety boli vcera fakt krasne! 
A aky bol Vas den? :)



  1. I think that´s pretty cute they gave her all the flowers :)

    1. Think exactly the same! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Hahaha cool story! Do you want to follow each other on gfc and fb? Kisee from Norway


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