March 28, 2013

Green Thursday

Whether you are big on Easter or not, today was Green Thursday, which indicates dressing up in green and eating all green stuff.
I couldn't fit more into the day as starting it with my new obsession - green smoothie!
Just mix up banana, spinach, white yogurt and a lil bit of honey and you have the best drink to kick off your day.
Do you like green smoothies? Which one is your fav?
Let me know and share :)

Ci uz sa zaujimate o Velku noc, alebo nie, tak dnes bol Zeleny stvrtok, co pre nas znamena obliect sa do zeleneho a hlavne jest len zelene veci. Takze na ranajky sme okrem tohto zeleneho smoothie mali aj avokadovu natierku, na obed hraskovu polievku a spenatovy privarok a na veceru, uz ani neviem.
V kazdom pripade je to prave zelene smoothie, o ktorom som s Vami dnes chcela hovorit :)
Banan, spenat, biely jogurt a trochu medu - zelena mnamka, ktora sa stala mojou novou vasnou posledne dni. Nie len, ze je to zdrave, ale dokonca tam vobec ten spenat ani necitit, takze je to ako zeleny bananovy cocktail :D
Co Vy a smoothie? Vyskusali ste uz zeleny?



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