April 27, 2013

Flower power in my hair

There's a certain power in a flower - am I right?
We were invited for "flower power" party, where I was the only one who took it literally and showed up with some real flowers on my head. Not to mention the confusion, which I caused on a tram to the place. Poor guys just summed it up: "Slovak..."
But I really liked this girlie look with flowers in my hair, brought the whole new dimension to the usual look, which is almost always something in-between of everything I own - lol.
How about you and the power of a flower?

Nieco na tom bude. Na tych kvetoch vo vlasoch. Nie zeby som bola vyznavacka víly Amálky. To nie, len sme boli vcera pozvane na "flower power party", ktoru som asi ako jediny host vzala do slova a do pismena a zjavila sa s vencekom zo sedmokrasok na hlave. Jeden jediny detail som nedomyslela, a sice ze vecer sa mi zacali kvietky na hlave zatvarat, takze som vyzera skor ako so zelenou burinou v hlave. Ale stale velmi dievcensky. Nieco na tom celkovom looku so zivymi kvetmy len bude. Dodalo to mojmu outfitu trochu inu dimenziu, a to sa mi paci!
Co Vy a sila kvetov? Za alebo proti?

I tried to flower-power Katka as well :) 


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