May 24, 2013

Keeping it calm

Hello lovelies!
It's this time of the year here AGAIN, when all the students are high on coffee and green tea. When you'd rather do anything but studying and when you'd rather read anything existentialist but economics.  Finals are here! So when it's gonna be more quiet here than lately, please excuse moi - I'm working on my degree :)
Thank you for your support and take care.

Je to tu zas a znovu. Cas roka, kedy vsetci studenti ziju len na kave a zelenom caji a dufaju, ze to znasobi ich aktivitu. Cas roku kedy by sme vsetci roboli hoci co ine, len aby sme sa neucili. A cas roku, kedy by sme hoc aj precitali existencionalny roman, len aby sme nemuseli citat ekonomiu (moj pripad). Skusky su tu! Tak by som sa chcela vopred ospravedlnit, ked aktivita na tomto blogu dosiahne nulu. Pracujem totiz na svojim titule, aby sme sa potom vsetci v lete mohli smiat a hrat :)
Dakujem za podporu a vsetci studujuci, ktori su na tejto lodi so mnou - drzte sa!



Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me! x