September 20, 2013

There are mushrooms in the forest!

Hey guys,
weekend is almost here. What are your plans? As this is my LAST holiday weekend at home, I think that I'll just sleep in and have a huge breakfast. And most definitely will have to say good byee to my family. There's nothing tragical about the end of holiday in the end of September. Let's face it, I've been on vacation ever since July. And now, one more positive thing about the whole PhD is that 3-months-long-summer-holidays are waiting for me also the next summer!! Yaay
Anyway, here's what we did last wknd. We went to the forest, had a walk and found some mushrooms! Here they are! BIG oneeees! 
Ok, enjoy for now and take care :)

- my brother with the big mushroom -

- me with the littlest possible -

- 3 baskets - 7 people -


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