January 9, 2014

My very last x-mas present finally rescued from the post!

I believe that all of you can name me at least 10 advantages of internet shopping in less than a minute. But what if all those perks are just not enough when the x-mas present get stuck in the post?

E-mail communication with the shop was simply unsuccessful as they failed to understand that I'll be leaving town for CHRISTMAS! Of course the parcel arrived the day after I was gone. But not to be all grumpy about the whole situation I have to say that then they sent it over again without a word and just yesterday I finally got to the post office to pick up my very first Birkenstocks. Red for me and coffee-brown for my mom.

I am sure that Csilla and Kitty will be over the moon once reading this. 
Csilla - because I'll stop stealing hers. 
Kitty - because I won't have to drag her through the stores again! lol

Do you have any inconvenience with x-mas internet shopping? Or internet shopping all in general? I am all ears to hear about it!

Lenka, xx


  1. These look great & I'm glad you finally got them as well. The post is not always so reliable, sadly. I have had things go missing or get sent the wrong address. Or my postman decided he didn't want to walk up all my stairs and knock on my door to give me my package like he's meant to, but he instead left it at the bottom of the stairs for anyone walking by to help themselves to, hahaha! Thankfully that has stopped. I hope your New Year is going well so far doll xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

    1. Oh my all those funny stories with post! I see I am not alone! Especially when the postman is lazy to climb up the stairs - 've been there as well :)
      Thanks for sharing, doll! x

  2. Oh gosh, I feel like every year around Christmas time I'm always waiting on one package to get where it needs to be in time before someone leaves for the holiday. Thankfully I haven't run into any trouble yet, but it's only a matter of time I know.
    xo TJ


    1. wow wouldn't guess that my simple complain about the postal service might bring so many interesting experiences, girls! Thanks for sharing your story, TJ! xo

  3. Shiny new and red - nothing bad about that!

    1. Exactly!! Everything I like: shiny - new - red :)) xo


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