August 28, 2014


Hello everyone, who is still coming and reading these lines :)

As much as I am trying to keep this little blog alive I am struggling. With time and life. And even tho I am on a vacation back home, the weather outside makes me sleepy and all I can actually do is watch telly and read some book - even that is complicated! I keep telling myself that I deserve it, that when uni starts again, I will overwhelmed with studying and working. But oh well. Still. I feel sorry.

But to stop pitting myself here are some snaps from my trip to Vienna from last weekend. Visited my friends Polona and Bojan, who I know for ages almost :) Met them in Paris together with Kitty, Miguel and dozen of cool people. And happily managed to keep in touch. 

Also managed to meet Nora, my friend from Berlin, who I haven't seen let's say in 2 years. But now things improved and we live closer to each other. I mean everyone now. Vienna is like my very own melting pot, where I am able to always find some friends :)

So thank you for having a Sisi Fruhstuck with me, for taking me to the zoo and for the best sushi I've ever tasted. Japanese Girl. Will be back for you! x

There's a new Polardom in the zoo!! Amazing!

*** with Nori on one Sunday morning ***


Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me! x