August 8, 2014


Hello summer beauties!

I can't believe that it's been almost a week ever since I was waking up with the view over the sea! Even thought I have literally 3 windows in my room, I am apparently missing the 4th one, which would show me the sea also here in Prague. Sad times!

But hey! I still have zillion of photos to show you of Calabria - one of the most beautiful region in Italy. And do I even have to mention the beauty of Italian food?? Naaah, you know me already :)

So here are some summer snaps from family vacation, this part basically from our beach time and a trip to Tropea, which is called the pearl of Calabria, but honestly, I've seen prettier pearls!


No, it's not a toy car!!! ha-ha

This is the view I've been talking and writing about for so long! What do you think?

Beach time - far far in the background you can see Stromboli - vulcanooo! 

My 50s beach look!

Eating gelato from some very old guy Tonino, who won even some price for it! Quite frankly, tartuffa (which btw comes from town Pizzo in Calabria, is wayyy better) 

The super lovely beach in Tropea!!! 

Food!! Red peppers (peperoncino?) and red onions - one of the symbols of Calabria. And naturally, they were EVERYWHERE! (this is especially dedicated to Kitty, because she knows :))

Probably my fav pic with the doggie!

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