May 17, 2012

Give me a salmon (or two)!

As we just came back from the movie "Salmon fishing in the Yemen" and I am craving some yummiously grilled salmon! Oh myyy or sushi, even tho I am not the biggest fan of it!
Anyway, the movie was SO lovely! Really really recommend it if you love a proper English/Scottish accent - most of all! And also a proper English humor!
Have you seen it? What do you think of it? Let me know! x

Prave sme sa vratili z kina. Boli sme na "Lovenie lososov v Jemene" a mam po tom akurat tak chut na nejakeho pekne ugrilovaneho lososika, alebo hoc aj sushi, aj ked nie som jeho velky fanusik!
V kazdom pripade film mozem len a len odporucit, hlavne pre milovnikov anglickeho/skotskeho prizvuku! A klasickeho britskeho humoru.
Videli ste ho uz? Co si o nom myslite? Podelte sa! x

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