June 28, 2012

Light it up!

When I was thinking what to post today I was a lil bit in doubts but then soon I found this coke bottle, from this years edition which Kitty brought me, 'cos it just cannot be found in Prague (or at least I don't know about it).
All in all this "light it up" has actually double meaning for now, apart from coke light, it's also my last day when walking around with long hair. Can't wait till tomorrow, was dreaming - well actually when you dream you don't tell everyone and keep it a secret - so in this way, I was telling everyone how much I would love to cut it short and the day finally comes close!
I don't even have to mention that almost everyone tries to persuade me that long hair just fits me well - I know guys, but you know as one says: new life - new car - new guy and new hairdo?! Well, can't really say that it fits me completely as I have nothing new from above mentioned, so let's customize it a lil bit: new summer - new hairdo! Easy as it is!
So wish me luck for tomorrow and I'll soon post some pics! x

Ked som sa dnes zamyslala nad tym, ze o com dnes napisem, tak som bola celkom na vazkach. Ale potom som nasla tuto flasku od coly, z tohtorocnej edicie, ktoru mi doniesla Kitty, nakolko v nasich zemepisnych sirkach nie su k dostaniu, a myslienka sa zrodila.
Tento nazov "light it up" ma vlastne v tomto prispevku dva vyznamy. Jednym je samozrejme cola light a ten druhy je, ze uz onedlho nebudem po uliciach chodit s dlhymi vlasmi. Nemozem sa dockat zajtrajska. O kratkych vlasoch som snivala - teda ked snivate asi by ste to nemali kazdemu vesat na nos a radsej si to nechat ako tajomstvo - takze v tomto pripade som o tom hovorila uplne kazdemu a kazdy sa ma samozrejme snazil odhovorit... Tak to jednoducho chodi!
Ale zmena je zivot a ako sa hovori: novy zivot - novy chlap - nove auto a novy uces?! Az na to, ze ja nemam nove absolutne nic z toho zmieneneho, takze to musim prisposobit na seba, a sice: nove leto - novy uces! Easy as it is! haha
Drzte mi palce zajtra, potom poslem fotky! x

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