October 30, 2012

in your shoes but in my socks

The weather outside is not particularly user-friendly so I've decided to stay in at least for now, put on my fav socks, which I got as a souvenir from Grand Canyon and burry myself into the macroeconomics textbook!
Sounds like loads of fun - indeed!
But to make it at least a lil bit fun - do you have favorite socks as well?

Dnes sa o pocasi vonku neda velmi hovorit, ze by bolo "user-friendly" a tak som sa rozhodla aspon na teraz ostat doma, dat si na nohy svoje oblubene ponozky, co som si doniesla ako suvenir z Grand Canyonu, a zahlbit sa nad makroekonomiou.
Hrozna sranda, co Vam budem hovorit!
Ale aby sme si to trochu spestrili, mate aj Vy oblubene ponozky?



  1. Indeed, I have a lovely collection of socks, from miss matched pairs to ones with metro maps on them. I am a big fan! I am always looking for new ones. :)

    1. Thanks for sharing! If you're looking for new pair of funny socks, I really recommend those indian suvenir shops in west coast of US :D Realize how absurd this sounds, but they were the most colorful there!
      Have a happy day!


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