November 29, 2012

the 2nd luckiest day this year

Today is officially my second luckiest day this year! After fighting TicketMaster for more than one hour this morning I managed to get tickets for Robbie Williams: Take the Crown Tour 2013!!!
So Petra and I will be somewhere down there in the audience, creaming and singing with other 60.000 (!!!) people in Vienna next summer! 
If I am excited? Boy, can't explain! 
So we have 8 months left to learn every new song by heart and physically and mentally as well get ready for the experience of a lifetime.
Who's in with us?

Dnes je oficialne moj druhy najstastnejsi den tohto roku! Po tom, co som rano viac ako hodinu bojovala s TicketMaster a snazila sa nam zohnat listky na Robbieho Williamsa, si mozem pogratulovat, lebo su v kapse! A tak sa mozeme zacat tesit na Robbie Williams: Take the Crown Tour 2013!!!
Petra a ja budeme skandovat, spievat a tlieskat spolu s dalsimi 60.000 (!!!) fanusikmi buduce leto vo Viedni.
Ci som v excitovanom stave? Neviem to ani opisat!
Takze mame cca. 8 mesiacov, aby sme si nacvicili vsetky pesnicky a fyzicky, ale hlavne psychicky sa pripravili na zazitok storocia!
Kto ide s nami?



  1. I saw a show of Robbie Williams years ago and it was damn cool girl!

    1. I really really can't wait!!! And still need to sleep 238times till 17.July!!! haha

  2. I bet it will be a good show!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Congrats darling ! i like robbie williams !

    Elegantesque Blog

  4. I´m really happy for you!!! Hope you´re going to enjoy the concert!!!


  5. Thanks for the support girls! Means a lot! Will report for you from the show and bring it all on the blog! x

  6. I envy u!!!!!!!!!!!!


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