December 1, 2012

and the very first window is opened!

December finally arrived and I could open the first window on my advent calendar as a very first thing this morning! 
Kinder always brings love to my tummy so I guess I couldn't be happier:)
Girls and I are off to Dresden to import some x-mas spirit!
Will definitely keep you posted!
PS: Happy birthday to my dear friend Zuzka!!!

Tak som sa konecne dockala a prisiel december a s nim aj prve okienko na mojom adventnom kalendari, co bola uplne prva vec, ktoru som dnes rano urobila!
Dnes sa s dievcatami chystame do Drazdan, aby sme tu doniesli nejaku tu vianocnu naladu a hrncek z vareneho vina :)
Urcite tu potom vsetko napisem!
PS: Zelam vsetko najlepsie k narodeninam mojej kamaratke Zuzke!!!



  1. love december and love this kind of calendar!!! I am a new gfc follower of u, wanna follow me on gfc too? tks giulia

    1. Thank you dear, do follow back :)
      PS: Just 22 days till xmas!!!

  2. I almost forgot about those calendars!! need to buy one x)

    1. Indeed! I think it certainly adds on a festive feeling at home!


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