January 26, 2013

my organic morning

Exams are officially over! Hello back my life!
As during the last days I did absolutely nothing but studying and eating and yeah eventually sleeping, I could have chosen whether I could talk to you about the Chinese history OR my eating habits - which means cheese toasts for breakfast/lunch/dinner... Oh well, we all know how the story goes.
So now, while welcoming back my social life, I have decided to introduce you to my very first morning dish I take: young barley. After x-mas I felt SO full and fat that my mom gave me this barley powder to drink every morning before breakfast. It should help my immunity system as well as give me loads of vitamins.
Honestly it looks horrible!!! The green drink looks like I am drinking instant grass (which also tastes like this - ok, I don't know how grass tastes, but I assume it does like this). But after this first month I made a habit out of it, a nice morning social interaction. So while my friends are having breakfast I am drinking green something and entertaining them on a way. The thing is that you have to have 15 mins break between the barley and breakfast...
My mom is very proud of me now, 'cos I am eating/drinking at least SOME vitamins as I am not the BFF with vegetable not speaking of fruits, but hey one have to start from somewhere!
Have you ever heard of organic young barley before? Let me know!

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