March 3, 2013

500 days of spring

Here are some memories I offer you, when Petra and I went to IKEA for the first time in our lives to shop for real furniture and not just photo frames and bed sheets!
The day when we all will have to move out of student dorms is getting closer and closer, so some of us already decided to take the deep breath and make a big step and move out!
Well done girls - Petra and Lucka - we all are patiently awaiting the warm up party to come soon!

Ponukam Vam tu zopar fotiek, na ktorych su spomienky z nasej dnesnej navstevy IKEA, kedy sme spolu s Petou po prvykrat nakupovali normalny nabytok, a nie len ramceky na fotky a postelne pradlo!
Den, kedy sa vsetci budeme nakoniec musiet vystahovat z internatu sa blizi, a tak sa niektori z nas rozhodli urobit hlboky nadych a velky krok v pred - a odstahovat sa na byt!
Bravo dievcata - Peta a Lucka - a my vsetci uz v tichosti a napati ocakavame pozvanku na kolaudacku :)

The shopping needs to start up with a lunch! 
And according to the horse meat fiasco - there was salmon in EVERYTHING!!!

Ladies and gentlemen - welcome to my room wanna-be!!!

And the attempt here was to snap a pic with the big bag - LOL



  1. you look beautiful dear!
    Follow you back!
    have a nice day

  2. I actually really love IKEA, haha. And you're cute! Love that colorful scarf and I hope you got the pieces that you were looking for! :)



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