March 1, 2013


When I was still in the middle of exams period, completely hopeless and frustrated, Kitty wrote me: "It's gonna be over soon and you'll be doing snow-angels!!" 
Honestly when I read it back in January I thought that it's been a while ever since I heard something that crazy. BUT less than a month from that day, here I am - doing snow angels as a lil kid - smiling like a pumpkin - LOL. 
Oh yes Kitty, you were so right, I was doing snow-angels after all!

Ked som este bola len v strede skuskoveho sialenstva, uplne zdevastovana a zronena, Kitty mi poslala spravu: "Neboj sa, coskoro to budes mat za sebou a potom budes robit uz len snehovych anjelov!!"
Uprimne, ked som si to precitala, pomyslela som si, ze je to ta najabsurdnejsia vec aku som vtedy citala (a verte mi, ja som sa ucila cinske dejiny, takze tam bolo tych absurdit viac ako dost!). ALE, ani nie o mesiac od toho dna, voila robim si snehovych anjelov na Orave, konkretne v Muzeu oravskej dediny, a usmievam sa pri tom ako pampusik - haha.
Oh ano, Kitty mala znovu zas pravdu, nakoniec som robila snehovych anjelov!



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