August 7, 2013

Somewhere between dreams and reality - between Poland and Slovakia

Hello there!
Here I am with my second post from Csilla's second trip to Slovakia. Last year we explored more castles and culture. This year we went for nature. Up in the north on the boarders with Slovakia and Poland is one of the nicest national parks we have. We took a ride on the river, then changed for bicycles and in the end the sweet treat we had a dinner with my ex-flatmate Katka! Can you possibly wish for more?
Ahojte vsetci!
Hlasim sa Vam s druhym prispevkom z Csillinho druheho vyletu na Slovensku. Zatial co minuly rok sme mali viac menej kulturny a objavovali sme slovenske hrady a zamky, tento rok sme sa zamerali na prirodu. Vybrali sme sa na sever k polskym hraniciam, do Pienin. Pre mna je to najkrajsi narodny park, ktory mame, a som presvedcena, ze Csille sa tak isto velmi pacil. Na zaciatku sme splavovali Dunajec na plti, potom sme plt vymenili za bicykle a nakoniec nas cakala zasluzena odmena v Kolibe, kde sa k nam pridala Katka, hrda Gemeranka! Mohli sme si vobec zelat nieco viac?!

Even seagull came to see us! :)

hug sandwich!

bicycle, bicycle, bicycleeee

AND the very best pic as the last one: Csilla for the first time in POLAND! Even tho only for 2 minutes, but it counts. I can't show off myself that much, as I haven't been to Poland very properly either. But hey, now we made it both!


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  1. Oh wow, the place is beautiful! Must be really relaxing and nice to take a vacation there.
    Beautiful pictures too! :D

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    cassandra xx


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