September 23, 2013


After spending 2.5 hours waiting for the miracle to happen - here is the result. Shorter, healthier and most definitely more fresh!
Those 2 hours were more than rewarding for me. Even though I was going crazy from the constant sitting and waiting, I had a chance to spend it with my hairdresser's daughter - 5 years old girl, dressed up from head to toes in pink (yes, yes, yes - me but little - lol) and she had the most adorable doggie with her - jack russell puppy (yes, little Fikkie - that's for Kitty). The highlight of this cute encounter was when she asked me, whether I was born when there were still back&white movies on tv? I've never felt that old in my life. But luckily, I was born when there were ALREADY normal color movies on tv, 1989 - what a year!
And what about you? Which movies were on telly when you were born? x

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