October 2, 2013

It starts to be real

Quite frankly, I wasn't expecting this. Frustration. Despair. Hopelessness. In one word: moving. Moving out and moving in. Looking for a flat. Picking the best option. Picking the cheapest one. Picking the pretties one. 
After the whole week of answering all sorts of ads and offers - finally it happened. I visited our future apartment just yesterday. It is pretty, has 2 rooms and one kitchen. Even a bathroom! And to all of my surprises it includes washing machine, oven and tv. Because believe me - to have a washing machine is quite a luxury (well, according to all the other flats).
In the end I don't know what was I expecting. Don't know why I though it'll be easier. Should have been prepared for it from Berlin. When I spent 2 weeks asking myself why on earth did I come here? To the city where I barely knew someone, where my job was crap and where I couldn't find a place to live?! Well a step at a time. Here I am now. Fighting the same battle in Prague with the slightly difference: I have no crap job. I have no job. YET. But I am sure it's just around the corner :)
PS1: Pictures from our flat coming soon! As soon as we decorate it and I bring my whole Blond Amsterdam Collection from home, haha.
PS2: Please, find the hidden symbol in this photo, as I was the whole time feeling like a snail without its home. Now it seems that a snail found its home, shell is it.

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