September 16, 2013

Where fairytales come with breakfast

I think that I've already been talking about everything over here. And yet it comes. My favorite place where to hang out, in Kosice. And surprisingly it is not at home in my "so-called-Disneyland-bedroom" - which is Kitty's name for everything glitter-sparkle-and-pink on my table and beyond :)
First time I've explored this place was with my friend Csilla. And ever since I keep coming back. I brought here loads of my friends, my mom included. I just can't get over the style how they serve you a coffee - those little china cups are to die for. Ok, maybe not, but still breathtakingly beautiful. I even went looking for something similar on a local market, but couldn't find anything what would match my imagination. Typical.
Anyway, come and check the place! They even have a library :)

Rozpravkova ranajkaren * Hrnciarska * Kosice

- Kitty and I with our delights on the table -

- me looking happy happy as I found this heaven on Earth here -

- Kitty trying to drink as sophistically as possible - 

- cutie, right? -

- and my first time with Csilla here - beginning of August -



  1. v piatok rano po zubarke, randez-vous presne tam!

    1. Neviem, ci presne rano,.. ale doobeda urcite! :D


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