September 11, 2013

How we almost made it to Slovenia but ended up in Slovakia instead

Well, at least that was a plan. But you all know it, how does it go with planning. I could plan whatever I wanted to but some higher power meant us for some completely different adventure. With my family. After Budapest we departed to Kosice - The European Capital of Culture. Yes, I am proud of our little town. We have decided for Kosice because: a.) there is a regular train connection twice a day, which takes only 3.5 hours. Unlike to Slovenia, where a direct train from Budapest departs only twice a week and of course that was kinda crappy for us as Kitty already had her flight back home booked. And yes, there were other options, like for 250 euros through Vienna or for only 50 euros through Zagreb, but that would take more than 11 hours. So yes, now you know why we accidentally ended up in Kosice. b.) There are always empty beds and warm supper on the table waiting for us.
So I took Kitty around my hometown, climbed up the Northern Tower of St. Elizabeth Cathedral, sat her by Sandor Marai statue and brought her to my fav places where to have a cup of coffee.

- the view from the top with the State Theater and the park with fountain -

- thank you German tourists for taking picture of us - on the tower -

- the oldest coat of arms in Europe -

- Smelly cat cafe -

- I love how they make a cat face on each coffee -

- this picture is especially for Csilla, whose current obsession is MARLENKA cake -

- hand-crafted dolls in a tourist shop, no worries we don't play with them anymore, lol -

- with The State Theater in the background -

- funny you, Sandor Marai -


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