October 24, 2013

Predictions, addictions and free choices

A friend of mine posted an article with the catchy title on Facebook. "A PhD with your coffee?" I was immediately interested. After reading it, I was immediately depressed. I could see myself in it - as clear as in the mirror. "Lost Generation" - is it what we are after succeeding at the university? Without a potential of finding a real job? If you told me about Lost Generation few days ago, I would immediately refer to Hemingway. Now I am referring to myself. Is this drive to get as good education as possible already written off? What about the investment into a human capital? Should I try to get a job in a local cafe and become professional in serving coffee before or after I finish my PhD? Those are all the questions which are running through my head and sipping coffee and observing the waiters just doesn't help. I am trying to figure out whether they have a BA in Arts, History or maybe MA in humanities. Or maybe just high school graduation. I am not bold enough to ask. Instead I am trying to take it positively. We all make choices. Each choice has a consequence. And each choice is exactly what we want. So instead of having heavy booths while pursuing a degree in what I like, I chose to enjoy it. Because who says that serving coffee with or without a degree will make me happy? I should enjoy the little perks of my life while I can and start to worry about  paying bills later. Or maybe just next week :) 

You can read full article on The Independent



  1. are you searching for the right course too? me too! i'm still clueless what to take after my high school.
    wish we can follow each other

    1. When deciding what to do and where to aim I always try to stick good old: you can be anything but certainly not everything :) Hope this cluelessness will be over for you!
      And yeah, let's follow each other - gladly :)

  2. That was a very interesting article! you're right, though. It is scary to try to predict a future or a path. And there are so many different paths you can take! Try to have a direction, but be okay if that changes. Be open to change! Life will lead you in the right direction <3


    1. Thanks Darcy for interesting insight! You're completely right - life will lead me in the right direction - hopefully ;-)


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