November 10, 2013

And so we're all full-aged in our family!

Guess what? My little brother just turned 18! And the whole family gathered to support him with candle-blowing :)
As you can see from the pictures, he's a big tennis fan and even bigger tennis player. The cake, amazing as always, from our family friend - chocolate with fruits. Refreshing and delicious.
But not to put him under the spotlight on his own, our cousin Petra turned 18 - a month ago and this was their mutual b-day celebration. 
During this whole day I was constantly reminiscing about my own celebration of this special moment in everyone's life. My friends threw a surprise party for me, which I couldn't believe at all. It was all perfect, special and the pure moment of surprise was just awesome. Sometimes I still look at the pictures we took, see some faces I haven't seen in ages and then talk about them with those who remained. 
I really hope that everyone had a special celebration of their 18th b-day and if you're up to it, just share! I'd be over the moon.

- b-day girl and b-day boy -

- unusually in black -

- our first drink as adults -

- trying to bring some rock&roll to our party -


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