November 19, 2013

How new memories were made

First day - we tried to stay cultural. But the second day - there was some serious shopping business for us. Even though most of the times just window-shopping one. But anyway - still fun!
After being more than disappointed from Christmas market down from Concorde to Champs Elysee - Gallerie LaFayette and Printemps made it for us! The cutest shopping window with teddies everywhere and a huge x-mas tree in the middle! Wow, we were mesmerized!  
Afterwards we strolled some streets with people with big paper bags running everywhere, did some low cost shopping and had pancakes for lunch. My very favorite is goat cheese with walnuts with honey on top - yum! Kit went for more classic version: salmon and spinach - also very good.
After the lunch our steps went into the direction of Boulevard Saint Germain and the legendary Cafe De Flore. I didn't even have to persuade Kitty to come and wait a line to get inside of this place where so many influential people dined before us. Coming to my mind just now: Breton, Sartre, Hemingway, Picasso, Prevert,...
Later on we met up with Miguel and had a cultural walk in the gardens of Rodin's Museum. Well done for a one day in Paris!
- X-mas at Printemps -

- macaroons at Cafe Puschkin -

- X-mas at Lafayette -

- X-mas at Lindt flag-store -

- pancakes from a random creperie -

- in front of Cafe De Flore - (pictures from inside coming later) -

- Citizens of Calais -

- Museum of Rodin -

- looking like thinking in front of The Thinker - 

- almost in Disneyland - again -



  1. ahhh.... Christmas is very near... love the funnn photos here. youre looking great...

    1. Thanks!!! Less than 40 days till x-mas!!! Happy times coming! x

  2. I love everything about Christmas and the holidays. Great pics!

  3. I seriously love all things Christmas!!!!!

  4. very nice!!!!!!!:)
    stunning post! i really love it!!!!
    Scegli una emoticon

  5. Great post. I love your photos.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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