November 18, 2013

Back to basics - back to Paris

Kitty, Miguel and I met in Paris. 4 years ago. At summer university organized by AEGEE. Big thanks! Because you know what? We're still friends! Together we visited the major capitals of Europe, counting in Berlin, Amsterdam, London and many more with Kitty only: Budapest, Prague, Rome,...

This time we made it back to Paris as Miguel is a smart ass and studies at La Sorbonne. Walking down Boulevard Saint Germain, having ridiculously expensive coffees and enjoying each others company was priceless. And I am thankful for friends like these. So yes, they don't call Paris "The city of love" for no reason at all. I love those two and can't wait to see them again, maybe even in Prague! 

- our everyday breakfast from the little bakery just around the corner from Miguel's flat -

- all the happy faces -

- loving the light -

- Miguel and his fancy university -


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