December 27, 2013

The x-mas paradox of 4 pajamas

The 3 x-mas days are officially over and we all are back to the real life. Partially. At least me.
How did you spend x-mas? And what did you unwrap under the tree? Were your presents all glittery, sparkly, with nice smell and most of all unpractical? Because those are all criteria for a perfect and successful gift for a girl. At least for me.
Except all those sparkly presents, there are those obligatory ones. Socks. Underwear. Pajamas. And this Christmas, I must have been exceptionally good, because I got 4 of them. 4 pajamas. Full stop. You can only imagine how surprised I was. And how speechless I was. If there was a person who was already over-pajamed, it must have been me. After this x-mas I am officially over-over-pajamed!!
And what about you? Have you found a pajama under the x-mas tree? Or just something sparkly and glittery?
Let me know!

Lenka, xx


  1. you are so cute ;)
    cool photos ♥ - bloggers from Poland ;)


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