December 29, 2013

The Art of Sunday Brunch

My favorite part of the week? Weekend!
My favorite part of the weekend? Sunday!
Why? Because everyone is finally free from work, school, stress and any other obligation and we can fully enjoy Sunday brunch.
After reading the article in Darling Magazine (my eternal favorite) on The Art of Sunday, I was inspired in a while and decided to post just another post about the importance of brunch in my life. Sorry all of you, who have been listening about this obsession of my for a while, but here it is: I love Sundays. And I love Sunday brunches.
I've started this tradition back in Berlin and I fell in love. There's nothing better than the fresh brewed coffee, eggs, croissants and a jolly laughter when you're trying to either remember last night or last week. You can only imagine how happy I was when I moved and discovered that just around the corner, there's probably the best place for Sunday brunch in Prague (see the photo - sorry for my silly face, I got distracted by food!).
But following the article let me quote few very important and inspiring sentences for us, which we should carry with us during the whole week.

"Simmering oatmeal or sitting while drinking a morning cup of coffee might be the perfect moment to trade that online device for time spent with your favorite inspirational author or poet... A string of small changes will certainly build a lifestyle that we love each and every day. That’s lifestyle design at it’s best."

Yes, I am talking to you, busy ladies in my life. Slow down. Enjoy. And chew. Properly. So you know how oatmeal actually tastes, that it's not only healthy but also tasty. And how hot or sometimes cold the coffee is.

"Adding more beauty to our everyday routine is an easy way to welcome more calm. Bring out your favorite place settings to spice up any day of the week, not just on Sundays or holidays."

And this is my favorite advice of all. Make everyday like Sunday. Try to cherish a little bit every day in the week. I'm telling you, it helps. Being the empiric expert on everyday pleasure and leisure, you can see the results on your own eyes. I am absolutely sure that every day should have a glitter and that champagne is not only for birthdays.
I know that Sunday brunch is not exactly what author had in mind, but I believe that it is a way to get closer to your dear ones, relax, eat and enjoy. The most important things in your life. Most certainly in mine :)
So join me in on this mission of Sunday brunches and lunches and develop more healthier and satisfied self! Because - Sunday is about slowing down and sipping life.

Always yours,

Lenka, xx

For more inspirational reading on The Art of Sunday, click Darling Magazine: The Art of Sunday


  1. Lenka!!!! You have a beautiful blog and a beautiful life. Love the quote about trading your online device for a favorite author....such a good reminder. Have a blessed new week!!!!

    1. Thank you, Mary Beth!! This's such an honor for me! x

  2. Sunday brunch is the best...I used to go all the time but I think we will get back into it. Perfect pre-nap ritual!

    1. Indeed! Absolutely agree - maybe even the new year's resolution? ;-)

  3. Happy new year and rock 2014!
    KIsses SE

    1. Thanks Michelle! A very happy new year to you too! x


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