January 3, 2014

I'm putting it down - again!

I can't believe that it's already the 3rd of January! Three days past and here I am. Writing down my new year's resolutions. Looking back on my old ones. Thinking why haven't I accomplished them?!

From last year I haven't done only 2 (!!), which is in my opinion pretty good. I still haven't made it to NYC and I still haven't published - like anything! But looking even deeper, there are also some of them missing from past years - I haven't visited my dear friend Blathna in Dublin, haven't found a job which actually pays more than just to get by (even that it exaggerated!), haven't been to the Christmas market in Vienna (I was very disappointed that two years in row I was SO close to go, but then it simply didn't work out :() and I still haven't been to the proper company-organized-x-mas-party (yes, this sounds very silly for all of my friends, family included, but it's simply my big dream. Deal with it! lol).

For this year, I still haven't put them down all. In fact, they are in my head, but took me a long time to find the proper ones, which can actually be accomplished and which I actually wanna accomplish - also important to add. So besides trying all winter sports I haven't tried yet (snowboarding included) and learning how to knit, there are people I've been missing in my life and I'd like to make it up to them - to me. I am planning (so far in my head and imagination) a big trip, to visit my dear friend Csilla in Canada, to visit my cousins in US, AND to add some real life presence to my "whatsapp" and "facebook" friendships - to name the most important one - Nik, it's you.

There are also some of the resolutions I carry with me every year. Which don't change. And which I should always remember. To eat less - to pray more - and to love more. (a little modification of the movie - you all know :))

So what are your resolutions? Have you put them on the paper yet? Or still in your head? And in fact, do you keep them? Join in the conversations! I'd be over the moon - you know me :)

Lenka, xx

PS: How do you like my new x-mas mug? I love it!


  1. Happy New Year. I hope you reach all your goals & have a gorgeous new year xx

    1. Big thanks! Honestly it is two of us wishing I reach all the goals set :)))

  2. Your smart to write down your new years resolutions to hold yourself accountable and to look back on once the year is over. I need to be better at that, and to also not write down so many resolutions ;)
    xo TJ


    1. Thanks TJ! I really enjoy self-reflexion in the end of the year or maybe sometimes just in the end of one era and it's the best to know exactly what have I done and what haven't. Fully recommend! xo


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