December 31, 2013

The Recapitulation of 2013 - finally!

2013 is almost over and here I am writing the last words for you in this year. It's been a tough one, but we all made it. Happily.
This is probably one of my fav posts, when I am about to name and post about people, things and occasions, which made me happy and thankful this year. 

      1. So let's start with my travel to Vienna, where I visited the UN Headquarter and even had a chance to present our paper (not that it should be mentioned, as it wasn't the biggest success :) 

     2. Afterwards my friend Petra passed the state exams and moved to the new flat and we weren't flatmates anymore :(

     3. Then we had a spring ski holidays and as almost every year we spent it in the North Slovakia - Orava. Together with my family, my uncle's family and family friends. It's always fun to be surrounded by so many people!

     4. After holidays I had way too much work with finishing of my studies. So basically I was only at home and was writing my final thesis together with studying for my finals. BUT I've survived and came successfully to the end. And here are some pictures from my graduation! Happy times, when the whole family gathered once again to celebrate ME :D

With my brother in Prague
With my first Tiffany's - graduation present :)
     5. And then it happened!!! My first official date with Robbie Williams in Vienna!!! Together with Petra and another Petra we had the most amazing experience of the summer. Totally speechless. Literally. At that time I didn't know that Robbie will also make it to Prague in April 2014 - so it looks like two dates in less than a year - totally worth waiting for!! haha

Petra and I before the stadium got completely full - 60.000 ppl - amazing!

     6. Csilla came to visit us to Kosice!!!! Super nice of her. It always brings pleasure to my heart when she comes and we have some days together, which we usually spend eating and drinking and chatting - of course. This time we went on a trip to the North to do some light hiking and even crossed the bridge to Poland, which made Csilla super happy as she's never been to Poland ;-)

Csilla in Poland
     7. Family vacation in Croatia!! Was absolutely amazed by the seaside. It's been a while ever since I was in Croatia and boy I haven't remembered it at all. Sooo beutiful! Nik and Csilla were right. Summer destination of the year. We spent 2 weeks at Mali Losijn, which is an island close to Krk. Fully recommend! 

Favorite mornings
    8. With Kitty and Csilla in Budapest!!! In one of my favorite cities with my favorite people :) Couldn't be happier. Maybe the weather could be more pleasant, but oh well, we had fun!

    9. After Budapest Kitty came to Kosice with me to spend some more days together. Our original plan was to make it to Slovenia (once again sorry Polona and Bojan for not coming!), but there was absolutely crappy connection to Maribor, so we've decided to visit my hometown in the end.

same pajamas!!!
      10. And when summer was over I came back to Prague, because oh my I was accepted to the PhD program at my university and I needed to get super serious - blah!

    11. But then little angel and my cousin visited so I came home once again to be a full time baby sitter, which I've enjoyed to the most - especially when she's sleeping ;-)

    12. Katka, my flatmate, graduated!!! Congratulationsss!!! And most of all it was also the day when we found the new apartment and got our keys!

    13. Then some more friends graduated as well - Petra and Lubi congratulations!

    14. My brother and cousin turned 18!!!!!! BIG celebration with BIG cakes :)

    15. Weekend in Paris with Kitty and Miguel!!! I couldn't wish for more! The city where we met and now got reunited. We reconstructed our memories and photos, ate some macaroons and drunk some French wine :) Perfection!!

    16. Our friend Zofka visited us in Prague and we had some nice drinks together. The picture is naturally from the time when we were only preparing to go out ;-)

    17. My brother's prom! The last big occasion in this year! He's a big boy now and we all wish him all the best but most of all to make right choices and smart decisions.

And this is it. Then Christmas came and all went by just so quickly that today is the last day of the year and I am trying to go through it and do some self-reflexion to think what I did and what could I have done better, where should I have gone and with who should I have talked. 

I hope that all of you had a pretty awesome 2013 and that the next year is gonna be better, merrier, happier, slower and everything you wish it to be!

PF 2014!



  1. Keep on glowing this new year with your amazing sense of fashion, style and your elegance. Bisous.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. What a great year of travel and memories! Here's to 2014 and all the fun things in store ;)
    xo TJ

  3. Happy ny cutie
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  4. Cheers to a new year...and a clean slate!

    1. Thanks Johanna! Clean slate, we all have been awaiting this ;-)))

  5. It seems that 2013 was a great year for you! I hope 2014 is even better :)


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