January 27, 2014


On Search for the perfect highlighter

Quite honestly I didn't even know about the highlighter at all - let's say till two weeks ago. I discovered this beauty essential thanks to my roommate Katka, who found a girl on youtube, who was using it as the final touch to her already perfect make-up and we both fell in love with it.

Later on I discovered that my friend Petra, who is a beauty freak, naturally uses it as well. Well hello Lenka, it's already 2014 - find yourself a highlighter because sooner or later you're gonna be the last person around walking in the streets of Prague only with your blush!!! Totally exaggerated, but still.

So I got on search and between interviews for several jobs positions I always found myself close to some beauty shop where I could try those highlighters and fix my make-up. Petra also told me to go and try Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick - so I went, tried and deeply fell in love. Still wearing it on my cheeks, because it's so damn beautiful.

But here comes the question, for all of you lovely ladies reading this. Do you use a highlighter? And if yes, which one? Because now I am deciding and having my first big dilemma in this year: Shall I go for Bobbi Brown or for a little bit cheaper version of MAC Finishing Touch?

Let me know your thoughts, they will be fully appreciated!

Lenka, xx

PS: As you can see I put together my very first Polyvore collage. Well excuse me - it's not perfect :)

On Search for the perfect highlighter by etieneeugene featuring a blending brush


  1. I've never used one of these at all, I wouldn't even know how to apply it properly to be effective. Haha. Hope you will find one that suits you :) xx

    1. Thanks doll! The application is really easy - just over your blush or anywhere on the face parts, which you'd like to highlight. Easy peasy ;-) x

  2. I don't use a highlighter but I do use a bronzer year round. I would look like death without it. Trust.

    1. Indeed indeed bronzer is also a life saver! But now I am really excited to try some highlighter as well!


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