February 8, 2014


February rolled in and it was a complete silent over here. Was speechless for a while and not that I was missing eventful occasions and adventures in my life - I was mesmerized by Wolf of Wall Street, almost crying during The Labor Day, had a very good salmon pasta for lunch, read some books, got sick, then back on healthy. Life somehow just happened while I was watching, sleeping, reading and cooking.

I've just decided to think it all through once again and try to give some answers to questions I've been asking myself for a while. That's to the silent and creativity block. I've been asking myself for who am I doing this? Why am I actually leaving my thoughts, life, friends and photos here? And how come I stuck to this habit for almost two years?

All very crucial and existentialist ones. Albert Camus would be proud of me. So proud! 

But I've decided for the very last time, that I am doing it ALL for myself. And even if my father was the only one reading those lines, it's all worth it. This online documentation of my love for life will remain here forever and I can always come back to it - back to the days when I was living with my legs up in the air, building air castles and jumping on the rainbows. 

So HELLO FEBRUARY and let's have some real fun! 

Lenka, xx


  1. Happy February to you doll, I hope it's a marvellous time xx


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