January 16, 2014


I should have read article like this ages ago. Or at least half a year ago when I started studying and spent most of the time at home desperate and hopeless to find a job to pass the day. (I still haven't found one - but that's the different story) So yes, my days were proper pajamas days. Because I can study and also sleep in pajamas - what a convenient outfit, isn't it? And I go to the grocery store twice a week, so other five days easy there - in my pajamas. Sometimes I even changed but my home outfit reminds a lot of pajamas, I just don't call it like that. But when spending the whole day in pajama I was so lazy that I didn't even wanna go out with friends when they all finish work in the evening. 

This article "Rituals for the modern woman" published on Darling (yes yes I really like them!) was exactly what I needed to start up again. They are discussing all kinds of rituals which modern woman should have and keep to brighten up her day. From morning cup of coffee to the healthy nourishment during the day and also about the art of dressing, which is sometimes forgotten when working from home. They encourage to dress doesn't matter the occasion. What matters is how we feel about it and sometimes also in it. 

"Maybe you’ll go as far as wearing heels to the grocery store on a Monday night simply because you want to. Dress for how you want to feel regardless of what activities you have planned or what day it says on the calendar." 

I took this little advice literally and decided to put on a red lipstick when headed only to the library. Because I just felt like it. I refused to have all nerdy look with my glasses and comfy shirt. And also because you simply never know where you go after done with studying in library. (Actually speaking of today, I know exactly where I'll be going, and that is home, as I am hosting a dinner for couple friends.) But anyway. You got the point. Right?

So you, ladies of my life, keep this to your heart and never stop dressing up. Bring the little girl who used to spend the whole day in mom's closet back into our lives. Don't let pajamas rule your world - doesn't matter how comfy it is. And also dress up because you never know who you might run into - on the way back from the library.


Lenka, xx


  1. I think this is a great idea...Sometimes just dressing nice or doing the thing you love to do, like wear a pretty lipstick and not wait for a special time brings more happiness!! You look gorgeous xx

    1. Thank you for your comment, doll! Hope you enjoy those little things as well ;-) xo


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