March 6, 2014


Hello guys!

Wanna know what was I doing in Vienna besides visiting Ludwig Wittgenstein's house, drinking coffee at Cafe Central, splurging at COS and many more? 

Well, I was also broadening my PIP Studio collection! Already at home I googled whether there is any PIP sell point in Vienna and oh boy - there's more than one. So I was more than excited that once again I was about to visit that heaven on Earth. 

Googled it - found it - and shopped it!

Went straight for the white china with colorful flowers as you can see in the pic. To add something more to the mug, I also took a bowl. Because there's never enough of mugs, cups and bowls. You should have seen my parent's faces when I announced them that I got another mug - LOL.

Now sitting at my working-desk in my apartment in Prague, pretending to work on my article but procrastinating on Pinterest instead and happily sipping coffee from my new mug!

As for the next level - I have my eyes on Greengate porcelain. Can't wait for the first paycheck to arrive!

How about you? Also crazy in love with mugs, cups and PIP? Or delicate and practical? Share with me! 

Lenka, xx


  1. It's very beautiful, I love mugs, this one is very pretty!! Am happy you were able to get one!! I collect tea cups :) Have a lovely weekend doll xx

    1. Thanks doll!!! Wish more girls were collecting tea cups in my surrounding - would make it way easier for b-day-present-shopping - LOL.


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