March 2, 2014


Hello beauties!!

Let me update you on what happened last week. I know all posts are tiny bit delayed but still better to post them later than never, right? And especially this one really brings pleasure to my heart.

As one of my friends commented on my FB pic of me and my 24.5 b-day cake: I'm nuts... but in a good way. So yeah. He was absolutely right. Even my cousin liked that comment and she's not that active on my wall - lol. I'm nuts and persuaded my girlfriends to celebrate with me my 24.5 b-day! We had naturally a theme party: Pretty in Pink (as you can get from all pink photos around). 

Everything was pink! Dresses. Lipsticks. Flowers. Nails. Champagne. You name it! Girls did a pretty good job. And honestly to my surprise I also got 24.5 b-day present!!!!! Couldn't be happier!! New Pandora charm on my wrist - yaay. A little tiara - because as they explained, I am like a princess. Oh well, haven't realized but I am not arguing there might be something about it for sure! :)

Oh and we had cakes!!! I baked a carrot cake and decorated it with m&m s. And Lucka and Petra brought a SUPER chocolate cake!!! And when I am writing SUPER imagine SUPER squared haha.

And after this little pre-party at my place we were more than ready to hit the bar and later on a club. All pretty in pink from head to toes. And all a bit tipsy from pink champagne. Frankly the evening didn't really turned out as we planned and imagined. Mostly because I got a beer shower in the end. But nothing is perfect. And it was never supposed to be perfect. Not even because I am princess. The biggest perfection for me is that I have all those crazy girls around me who were crazy enough to come, dress up and celebrate and that's more than perfect! So thank you once again and next celebration in half a year :)))

with love, Lenka


  1. Everything looks happy you had a fantastic time. You look gorgeous!! I hope all your wishes continue to come true doll xx

    1. Thank you doll!! It's always nice to hear from youu, x.


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